President Donald Trump went to France in 2017 where he witnessed the Bastille Day celebration. He was impressed and wanted to have something similar for the Fourth of July celebration, which is America’s Independence Day. These festivities in Washington D.C. already include an annual parade. There are a whole lot of attractions for everyone to participate in and showcase their abilities and talents in their respective fields. UK Daily mail report "The Independence Day festivities in Washington DC, already include an annual parade with marching bands, floats, military units, and drill teams."

The parade has a fixed route and this year there will be an additional item.

It will be in the form of a flyover from Air Force One - the plane meant for the exclusive use by the president. It's a Boeing VC-25, which is a nothing but a military version of the Boeing 747 airliner. Since the president will not be on board, the plane will not use the unique call sign assigned to it.

Daily Mail UK reports about a change in venues for the celebrations. Its normal location is the National Mall but Trump had announced that he would deliver his speech from the Lincoln Memorial. This could lead to a corresponding venue change for the firework display. The Interior Department has confirmed relocation of the programs for the president's speech and the firework display.

Donald Trump has his own ideas

It is customary for presidents to make an appearance during the festivities.

However, they do not normally deliver remarks on the day in the nation's capital. There have been instances of some of them speaking from other locations but those were rare. Probably, the president wants to set a new trend by seizing this opportunity to address the nation in the election year.

Daily Mail UK adds that during his 2020 re-election rally recently in Florida Donald Trump made it a point to invite his supporters to come to the Fourth of July celebration in D.C.

He also told them to bring along American flags. His words were – “Bring those American flags, July 4th, we're going to have hundreds of thousands of people, we're going to celebrate America. Sounds good, right?”

Salute to America

According to Fox News, President Donald Trump will deliver an address to the nation during Washington D.C.'s annual July 4th celebration. The program is labeled as the "Salute to America" and will be an integral part of the ceremony. There will be military demonstrations and flyovers. The Interior Department revealed the plans and it was all about how the president wants to put his mark on the traditional capital celebrations.

The celebrations will open up, for the first time in "many years," the World War II Memorial and areas around the Reflecting Pool to the public.

That way they can enjoy the fireworks display and listen to the address by the Commander-in-Chief. Donald Trump had wanted to have a military parade on the lines of the Bastille Day celebrations he had seen in France in 2017. However, the idea had to be shelved after senior White House and Pentagon leaders estimated it would cost $92 million.