Can you remember the last time you got lost in the moment, had so much fun you didn't need to check your phone? Having no service can be a nightmare but some places, like this swimming hole in the White Mountains, can help you forget about it. New England is well known for its natural beauty. New Hampshire has beautiful mountains, expansive lakes, and picturesque landscapes all around. Any trail you could choose would lead you somewhere beautiful and exciting. In a small town called Lincoln, NH there is one of New Hampshire's most traveled roads, the Kancamagus Highway. But if you take the first left off the Kanc you are in for an exciting off-the-beaten-path journey.

The Franconia Falls trail

The Franconia Falls trailhead is where you need to start your journey to this natural water park in New Hampshire. The trailhead is the first left once you leave the downtown area of Lincoln, NH, the first left after Loon Mountain. There is a large dirt parking lot with a ranger’s station at the end. A donation is required to park in the lot with a suggested amount of $10. Be sure to bring a pen, however, because you'll need to write your license plate number on your donation. Once you have finished parking and paying you're off on to the trail.

The trail itself is very flat and easy going at the start. You'll be following a river along the edge of the trial on your way up.

Many people bike and bring their dogs on this beginning section of trail. After walking about thirty minutes along the path you will come to a bridge that looks like it is leading to an area that has not been maintained. To the left of that bridge, you will see a small rocky path that continues to follow along the river.

That is the path you will need to take to get to the swimming hole. Once you go off the beaten path just keep your eyes on the river because you will come across the water slide in about ten minutes.

The natural water slide

Now that you've made it to the water slide it's up to you to determine what you're going to do.

The natural water slide seems daunting at first, and up close the drop seems too far. There is about four feet between the edge of the slide and the water below. You need to use common sense and good judgment on whether it is safe to use the slide or not. In high water, people have passed away at this swimming hole. The water should be at a good swimming level between late June and early September. It will be too high in the winter and spring months because of the melting snow.

Be safe and have fun, there are smaller slides all around the area you can explore as well. You can also just take a dip in the swimming hole or jump from the cliff edge where the water is not running so fast. Take a break and enjoy the nature around you, bathe in the sun on the flat rocks, dip your feet in the fast shallow pools.

This is your experience in nature, enjoy it how you want it, slides or not.

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