Let's face it, many have parent-anxiety, particularly about marijuana. All this hype about health benefits seems to pass over the important health concerns for young people who use marijuana worldwide. The last things parents need to hear are scare tactics. It can be said that something in cannabis has the capability to interfere with brain neurons that are still growing and people don't want to lose IQ points. Many people worry that marijuana will lead to substance abuse in utilizing other drugs, but this really isn't the case. Many of us have the power to know right from wrong, and many are unaware of the benefits that cannabis can provide.

At the same time, being smart about using cannabis is also important.

The truth

Edmonton psychiatrist Dr. Adam Abba-Aji has a 16-year-old son. In addition, he is the head psychiatrist for Edmonton’s new mental health clinic for young children. Obviously, this whole topic makes him think a lot about his son and of course makes him worry. Many young people take the time to consider why they’ve had to suffer from mental health issues. While others who smoke cannabis with them do not have these issues to cope with. It’s hard to understand since there’s so much that is still yet to unfold.

As we continue to figure out the progressing science of cannabis, one thing is for sure: a practical cannabinoid structure is important for health.

From embryonic fertilization with the idea of our mother's uterus to nursing and development to catering to injuries, the cannabis system assists us to thrive in a fast transforming environment.

Some facts

There is definitely no evidence that cannabis use during teenage years produces harm to the brain. But there is actually circumstantial evidence of the long-term effects and harm of alcohol use, as well as smoking cigarettes.

The paradoxical idea about the notion that cannabis use is harming the teenage brain is inaccurate. All of the research that focuses on repairing brain structure in parts of the brain doesn't consider that even though the parts of the brain do look slightly changed in shape in some users of cannabis, they also amplify the number of neurons.

It is prevalent that the negative bias contrary to all forms of cannabis use that results in judicious information regarding the notion that the alteration of brain structure is permanent. All in all, they don't bother to bring up the uplifting notion of elevated neural movement.