There are great qualities which we all possess. Some affect smaller aspects of our lives, some of them more significant parts, and then some of them change our overall Quality Of Life. One of these is: Knowing your Worth. It is one of the most influential aspects of being a human being and can not knowing your self-worth can detrimentally affect your quality of life.

Never allow others diminish your value

Knowing your worth will enable you to set your life to your standards and it allows you to take control of your life. It allows you to reject people that treat you poorly and drag you down and embrace the ones that care for you and only wish to raise you up.

Do not see yourself through the eyes of those who do not value you. Not everyone will know your worth, just you will. Throughout your entire life, you will come across individuals regularly that will try to hold you back and berate you for your efforts. They can sway your emotions, but sometimes you must forget what you feel, and know what you deserve.

Realize that there are very few people that genuinely show care for you and want the best for you in this world. Most of the people you come across will only "care" for you when they want something from you. A lot of times people make the mistake of basing their worth on how others treat them. Part of knowing your worth is that no matter how many times others beat you down, they never have the power to diminish your worth.

Understand that you are worthy of greatness

Knowing your worth allows you to refuse to live a life below your real potential. It forces you to take risks and every opportunity available to promise an excellent future for you. It empowers you to understand that you are worthy of greatness and the confines of your mind only determine your capabilities.

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Everyone must all know their real worth and accept nothing less. Our lives are the most significant and most precious gift that can ever be given to us; they are a priceless commodity that should never be lessened by restrictions that outside influences may push on us.

We were not given these lives to settle for less than what we deserve, nor what we are capable of.

Our greatest strength in life is knowing that we deserve the best and are capable of anything. Always remember that the only person or force that can change your value is yourself. We were all born of magnificence, worthy of greatness, and set to give ourselves the most tremendous lives that we can dream of, and so rightfully deserve. We must not waiver from these standards.