There is a massive misconception that needs to be addressed in the Business World today. This is the theory behind the Overnight Success misconception. You see it all of the time on Facebook or Instagram. You can't take one quick scroll without coming across a picture of some entrepreneur living a glamorous lifestyle. This can be incredibly misleading to today's society for a multitude of reasons. It leads us to believe that they got rich quick and that that is how it will be for us. I am here to tell you that that is not how it is by any means.

We see those pics because that is all that is typically interesting to us. They don't see that person sitting in cafes, libraries, or at home working and studying for countless hours. That doesn't get you more likes or followers; nobody wants to see that.

What is the misconception?

We only see the person crossing the finish line. We fail to see the thousand times that person fell and struggled to bring themselves to their feet and we fail to see the countless hours spent training before the race. The journey of fulfilling your dreams isn't about popping bottles of Ace's in a five-star Vegas nightclub. It is not quick by any means. Facebook started 14 years ago and Amazon began over 20 years ago.

You're not going to strike gold on your first swing and within a month find yourself chilling on a yacht in the Mediterranean sipping on $500 scotch. This is one of the primary reasons that almost 80 percent of startups fail.

How to set yourselves up for success

People drastically underestimate the amount of effort, determination, and diligence it will take to see their dreams through to the end.

Now, to set the record straight, I am nowhere near fulfilling my overall goals, nor do I see myself truly successful yet. This is just me telling you through my experiences what to expect for I am in constant pursuit of my dreams. As are you.

Our success in life is determined by our ability to align our expectations with reality and understand that the height of our achievements is dictated by the amount of work we are willing to put in and the determination to see them through to the end regardless of the circumstances.

Once we understand that there are no quick fixes, the only thing we must modify are the convictions that some people have of themselves. Everyone is truly capable of achieving everything you want in your lives. Dreams are not made in overnight successes, do not doubt yourself and starve between your idea and taking action. The world is yours for the taking. Go out and get it.