Throughout the rest of our lives, there is only one person that we will be stuck with until the very end. This is ourselves. If we are to come to peace with anyone, we must learn to love ourselves truly and what we stand for. We sometimes find ourselves alone in our lives, and it can confuse us and leave us in distraught, unsure of what we are supposed to do or how we are meant to manage. These circumstances do not come to us by accident, and everything happens to us for a reason. Every circumstance that is placed before us is Designed to mold us into who we are meant to become.

Is solitude a bad thing?

In today's world, many people view that having to spend TIME alone is one of the worst things that can happen to us. In order to fulfill our sense of love, or significance, or validation, we sometimes feel that we always have to be with family, friends, or just companionship in general. But the truth is that we can give ourselves anything we want in life. If we rely our happiness on the companionship of others, we will never find ourselves truly happy because we will never be happy when others aren't around. We'll continuously just be chasing the next high and looking for more people to be around. We are given time alone for a purpose. Do not feel down about it. It is time meant for growth; it is time expected to learn about yourself, inspire, and to mold yourself.

Being self-reliant is one of the most sought-after qualities in human beings. Our own personal strength cannot be gained from others; it must be uprooted from within.

What is solitude meant for?

If you wish to make changes in your life for the better, this time is meant to solidify your goals and force yourself to reach your full potential.

But most importantly, this time is meant for you to love yourself. Learn to have fun and be happy with just you. You cannot be truly happy and love others until you've learned to respect and love yourself.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your relationship with others. Solidarity can be one of life's most excellent teachers.

They are meant to bring out the best in us and show the world what we are truly capable of. It is the time the time when you put your wants and needs first. But when you do find yourself with others, be sure to sure to surround yourself with people who bring positivity, inspire you, and only want to lift you higher, and do not drain you or bring you down, for they determine your overall quality of life.