Positive Thinking is key to living a prosperous life. Positivity is an incredibly powerful tool. It is all about mindset. Mindset controls your life, and it determines how you perceive the world. It regulates how well or on the contrary, how poorly your day is going to go. As you go on through your life, you must train your mind to see the good in every situation. If you think positively, positive things will happen. But it goes both ways. Have you noticed that as you go on throughout the day, if you reflect in an opposing manner then bad things continually happen to you?

I understand that life can become confusing and hard at times, and bad things can happen beyond your control, but you must comprehend that you will always have the ability to control your emotions and control how you see every situation.

If something challenging occurs in your life, if you decide to feel sorry for yourself and play the victim, you will only find your self further damaging your mindset and wellbeing, which will only prolong the situation. You will imprison yourself from other people, and tie up your own emotions. The moment you take responsibility and think about the situation positively is the moment in which you gain the offensive and can fix the situation. So instead of "why is this happening to me?" you must think "what now, what can I do to fix this situation?" Understanding this concept is crucial.

This can be the difference between living a good or a bad life. Life is never straightforward, but possibly, a simpler life is.

How Your Mindset Can Affect Others

Thinking positively isn't always about helping you, it is about helping others as well. Your positivity will reflect on others and will make them feel better about themselves and improve their overall quality of life.

Our energy radiates from person to person, and we are all receptacles of that. Having this mindset will encourage you as well as those around you to strive for more, and naturally want more out of life. One of our keys to happiness is how we feel about ourselves, as well as those around us. We are what we become, and we are who we surround ourselves with.

There is the famous saying; you are the "average of the five people that you surround yourself with." If you can inspire yourself as well as all of those around you, you will be an unstoppable force in your life. Our greatness lies in ourselves and our minds. Our mindset only limits our capabilities. Control your mindset - control your life.