While “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Shannon Beador and her husband, David Beador, reached a temporary divorce settlement, with the assistance of a California court judge, vitriol that allegedly spewed privately from David is surfacing.

Shannon was a guest on “Jeff Lewis Live!” (Sirius XM) on Friday, March 30. Hosts Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, Lewis’ “Flipping Out” castmate. The duo read text messages that David reportedly transmitted to Shannon following their separation in September 2017. The Beadors were married 17 years before their split from each other, according to People TV Watch.

‘RHOC’ might've accidentally forwarded crude texts to Jeff Lewis

Lewis informed that Shannon seemed to have “accidentally” forwarded some of the texts to him (Lewis). Lewis stated that he wanted listeners to understand “how David has moved on.” Pulos read some. The text she cited were laced with profanity – too offensive to quote.

Redacting the expletives and paraphrasing the texts, David allegedly texted Shannon that she disgusted him. He questioned what she does aside from eating while slamming her for earlier weight gain.

While it is impossible to gauge what each listener thought hearing the crude texts, Shannon was caught off-guard and was startled. The Bravo star questioned whether she actually sent the texts to Lewis, though she did recall having received them – from David, it seemed.

She stated, “That was a couple of months ago.”

The “RHOC” star also remarked that she no longer receives similar messages from her intended ex-husband. Still, the fact that such emotional abusive texts were sent to her at all distressed fans.

The text, that Pulos read, exemplified a snipped of insight into what David allegedly inflicted on Shannon.

It was awful and it was only one example. Pulos read another text. David was said to have written Shannon, asking whether the world was “ending” the night he texted. He quizzed Shannon, as well, by asking if she changed out of pajamas that day. He also intimated that she slept-in, until 2 PM.

The text continued, only Shannon interrupted and told Pulos and Lewis to stop reciting the texts.

People sought a comment from David, yet he didn’t respond. People also could not verify that the texts were authentic or were definitely forwarded from Shannon to Lewis.

Shannon, David, and the courthouse

Based on the temporary divorce settlement reached as a result of court proceedings and documents, which People attained, Shannon and David share joint custody of the couple’s three teen daughters. Additionally, Shannon was awarded $22,500 a month for temporary child and spousal support – both of which are non-taxable.

Following the court’s order, stipulating the settlement terms, a “source,” according to People, noted that David’s anger was quite visible in a court hallway. While he was shaking, he went on a profanity-laden tirade targeting Shannon.

He complained of how the court’s ruling would lead his company to bankruptcy.

Reality star moving on with life after September separation

Also after the court hearing in March, David purportedly turned off the water at the home where Shannon and the couple’s daughters live. Shannon has held firm, insistent on moving ahead in her life and doing what is best for the couple’s daughters. She made it clear that she has “no interest in engaging in a war of words.”

Shannon also described the divorce process as “heartbreaking” for her and for the children that she and David share. She stated that while it takes “two people” for a marriage to work, that that was not happening in the Beadors’ relationship.

With the exception of hearing that David potentially shamed Shannon over prior weight issues, fans and Facebook followers gave the reality star’s guest-appearance on “Jeff Lewis Live!” positive feedback. Fans found the give-and-take between Shannon, Lewis, Polus humorous and enjoyable. Fans also remarked that they would like for her to do a return-visit on the Sirius program.

What are your thoughts on David allegedly sending Shannon body-shaming texts?

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