Since ancient times, the alcoholic beverages have been seen as an important component of the society and entertainment. They have evolved along with the human being, reason which every day scientists across the world dedicate efforts to produce high-quality beverages and to comprehend the effect that they can have in the human body, both at short and long term. For example, one of the big mysteries behind the alcohol consumption is its side effect commonly known as 'Hangover.' According to research studies, just a Small Group of the population is immune to the hangover, and the mechanisms involve in this fact are not completely understood.

Despite the fact that alcoholic drinks are considered for many people as the elixirs of happiness, there is something that can make us regret consuming them, especially the day after it. Although currently exist plenty of remedies and technics transmitted from one generation to another to handle the hangover, the truth is that just a small group of them have been scientifically proven.

If you are one of those people tired of suffering a hangover after a party night and you still want to keep drinking for a long time, this article has some information that may help you.

Before drinking alcohol

If you have plans for drinking, it would be a great idea to eat fatty food before the party. The reason of this is because it can reduce the absorption of alcohol in the small intestine which means that its levels in your bloodstream are not going to reach the pick to provoke a hangover.

While you are at the party

Staying away from congeners means to avoid a hangover or at least that is what experts say. The congeners are a group of chemicals that are releasing during the fermentation process of the alcoholic beverages and are consider the responsible not only for the flavor and color of them but also of people hangover.

Keeping in mind the previous, the technic for avoiding congeners is trying to drink lighter-color beverages and those that are highly filtered alcohol.

The day after

The hangover has been strongly associated with a state of dehydration secondary to the effect of the alcohol on the production of the anti-diuretic hormone. The dehydration can produce symptoms like a headache or dizziness. The solution to this problem is to drink high quantities of water or use products rich in minerals as sodium and potassium in order to reestablish the electrolytic balance.