MTV reality star Jenelle Evans seems to be under the mistaken or misguided understanding that she is in control of “Teen Mom 2” taping, scheduling and bailing on producers. Fans wonder what's going on with that. Many believe that executives should have ditched her – already – and moved on, ensuring that viewers will see upcoming episodes.

As fans realize, Jenelle has brought much more to the show than her less than stellar personality, namely a boatload of negativity. As a fact, her propensity to behave unpredictably has led to the Hollywood Gossip dubbing her the “Carolina Hurricane,” recognizing the state where crews travel to and leave – empty-handed – when Jenelle bypasses taping.

Reality star has a contract and viewers that pay her to work

In case she has forgotten, fans know that if Jenelle has a contract, she is also legally obliged to tape. MTV is enabled to pay her, thanks to viewers. Viewers, in turn, make purchases, from products, goods, or services that advertisers offer during episodes. Without viewers (fans), she would not have a job with MTV. That’s right. Jenelle gets paid to work – or not, since she continues to languish without filming.

The crux of the problem is that Jenelle wants husband David Eason re-hired, which is not very probable or pragmatic. He managed to torque too many people who have the common sense to know when to apologize and when to shut up – or, if need be, sit on their fingers to stay off social media.

Not every lame-brained thought need fly from a keyboard onto Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and — you get the picture.

MTV and its producers have about had it with Jenelle and her antics to avoid taping, which is holding up production and rolling tape for viewers. The Hollywood Gossip and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup have reported that Jenelle sees herself as central to “Teen Mom 2.” MTV and program fans, however, do know differently.

A prime example of how production works is “Teen Mom OG,” which will survive the Farrah Abraham years and the ultimate parting of ways.

Jenelle might be likened to driving along a highway and realizing that there is some kind of holdup. Traffic should continue to flow at a pace. But, people are curious and want to see what happened but are not much interested in how it happened.

Jenelle provides that type of phenomenon for MTV viewers. People are curious but not really interested in the lengths she takes to make life difficult and chaotic for other people who are also adversely affected.

Jenelle not center of MTV universe, nor was Farrah Abraham

Fans watch “Teen Mom 2” for reasons other than Jenelle. She is not MTV’s star attraction. Farrah Abraham would differ with Jenelle on that contention, as well. Farrah believed she was the biggest star on the show. Well, fans sure know that they will not be seeing more of Farrah on “Teen Mom OG” while she pursues her adult entertaining opportunities. MTV and fans can only take so much of the same old, tired stunts and stagnation.

Did she or didn’t she? Jenelle claims she has spent a day filming

Jenelle claims on Twitter that she spent March 30 taping all day. A post on her account targets The Ashley, which contends that Jenelle is “faking” that she filmed. Quite possibly, Jenelle could have already stumbled onto her next, big adventure with her YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, MTV will need to make a decision whether her continual drama and unwarranted demands are worth retaining her.

Just as MTV executives and producers grow weary of working with her, viewers, too, will give up caring whether she leaves the show it does not bring something worth seeing.

Why do you think Jenelle is so insistent that her husband return to “Teen Mom 2?” Should MTV keep attempting to work with her and her demands? Feel free to share your Comments below.

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