In this world, we are sometimes pressured to follow Society. Society will always try and throw us into the Status Quo to allow us to blend in with everyone, as well as to justify their actions as well. Society creates the normal environment to create order in this chaotic world. But forcing realistic standards on people can detrimentally impact our Lives as well as the lives of others.

Who controls your life?

Always remember we own our own lives. Living our lives based on the expectations of others can negatively affect us. This applies to every aspect of our well being. No matter what we wish to achieve in each of our lives, there is typically always at least one person telling us that it might not be a good idea to pursue whatever it is in which we wish to accomplish.

Never allow someone who doesn't even belong in your book determine how it is written.

This can come from people in which you don't know, friends, or even family members. You cannot listen to them. The only person in which you should seek advice from is someone who is currently in the position in which you seek. These people are telling you these things out of insecurity, or you're not meeting their expectations of you, or even worse, they think you can't do it. Never live your life strictly based on societies standards.

Trust your process

If you ever feel as if you're falling behind in life based on society, whether its based on career or personal life, do not be discouraged, do not think that you have to follow the masses. We are all on our own personal path in our lives, no one else's, we are not given life to be lived through the expectations of others.

Success has been created by people of all ages; you can never be too young or too old. No matter your age or whatever aspect of your life you wish to change, there is always an opportunity for prosperity.

I hope to see and believe this world and all of our destinies being forged by people utilizing their utmost potential and achieving everything they seek out to complete in life.

Always remember to follow your own path, do not allow what society will or won't do determine your actions as well. Always do what makes you happy. You must always trust your process. The greatness of our lives is based on the standard and expectations in which we set for ourselves. Never doubt yourself and your capabilities, for you are capable of achieving anything in which you can dream, this world is yours.

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