I have talked a lot about becoming the best Version of ourselves, but I haven't exactly talked about what it means to do so. I believe that becoming the best version of ourselves and success is really the same concepts. They are both on our path to greatest fulfillment. Now, I have not yet become the best version of myself, nor do I see myself as genuinely successful, however, this is only my take on this.

Which path are you meant to take?

We can never indeed become the greatest version of ourselves until the day we die. During our lives, if we ever feel that we have become the best version of ourselves, we come to the conclusion that we've peaked, and feel the need to stop learning and growing.

life is always teaching us things. Thus we should never stop learning and adapting. Our happiness in life comes from growth. If you look back in your life, some of the happiest times have been during and signs of chaos and uncertainty. This is because these are times of growth.

Our goal should be to not be the same person that we were last year. Being the best version of ourselves is pushing ourselves to the very end, living a life based on our standards, following our dreams, and unleashing the vast potential that lies within each of us! It is about harnessing your skills and impacting the world in your own powerful and distinct way, for our beauty lies in our uniqueness. I know that this may seem challenging to realize during the hard times, the person that we need to become might not necessarily want to become.

Our personal growth lies in what we need to do, not what we want to do.

Where does your destiny lie?

Figuratively speaking, the moment that you are being born, you begin to write a story about your life. It is yours. Your life is your message to the world. How do you want that story to be written? Always remember that this is your life and never let others who try to bring you down influence it.

Never allow people who never belong in your book determine how it should be written.

If your life were to end right now, would you be satisfied with the life you lived? Our graves are all the same size. Our legacy and what is written on the tombstone is what matters. Always remember that your life has a purpose. Your story is important, your dreams are meant to be forged, your voice matters, and you were born to make an impact! Always be striving for the best version of yourself, for your capabilities are only limited by the confines of your mind.