Whether you have a pre-teen or you are just entering those glorious toddler years, there's one thing you probably already know: This age group can be the worst. From nonsensical meltdowns to unimaginable messes, some of the stunts these kiddos pull leave their parents wondering whether they should laugh or cry. And when the teenager tactics get to be too much, many mamas are left with either reaching for a glass of wine or wishing they had one. This may be one of the most adorable crimes you’ll read this week, so brace yourselves.

In an incident reminiscent of a “Home Alone” sequel, a 12-year-old Australian Boy ran away from home last month after a heated argument with his mom, unwilling to take “no” for an answer, he stole his parents Credit Card, conned his grandmother into giving him his passport, and then took a joyride—on a flight to Bali, Indonesia. All of the information in this post comes from an article by People.

How it all happened?

After the blowout with his mom, the clever boy went ahead to research on an airline that allowed 12-year-olds to fly without parental supervision or a note and then booked two flights for himself.

He also booked a hotel room in a four-star hotel for himself for the four days he planned to stay. The adventurous (and mischievous) pre-teen lied to his parent that he was going to school, but instead left with his scooter and backpack and took a train to a Sydney airport. The 12-year-old was able to check in at the self-service stations and get through security before waiting to board a flight to Perth, from where he caught a connecting flight to Denpasar, in Bali, Indonesia.

The pre-teen said he was shocked no one at the Perth International Airport questioned why he was alone.

So his plan went perfectly well until he was questioned about why he was traveling alone at Bali customs. The young lad lied that his mother was waiting for him outside. The 12-year-old proceeded to check-in into the four-star All Seasons Hotel by telling the staff that his sister would be joining him later.

How they discovered where he was?

After the school reported that he was absent, his mother was so terrified that she involved the Australian police to find her missing 12-year-old.

While She continued her search for the boy, she then stumbled on a video he posted of himself having a swell time in Bali, Indonesia. When she discovered he had left the country, she was so very shocked. She immediately took a flight to retrieve the boy. Meanwhile, the clever kid managed to enjoy his four days’ solo vacation before his mother arrived to retrieve him.

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