Kate Hudson may be bragging up weight loss from a soup cleanse, but doctors remain divided on detox diets. Nutritionists find some cleanse benefits for those who are normal to slightly overweight. But obesity specialists, dietitians and bariatric surgery doctors, like those on TLC "My 600-lb Life" eschew cleansing detoxes. For patients with anorexia or other eating disorders, soup can be downright dangerous.

Kate Hudson eats up soup cleanse

The Almost Famous actress shared Instagram photos of soup jars labeled by day and number. It was part of a Monday Motivation challenge to encourage the health benefits of soup.

Each day, a different homemade soup is consumed with the idea of purging toxins from the body. The cleanse or detox diet is popular with the diets of Celebrities, but health experts question efficacy. The biggest fear are those soups which use diuretic and how detox misunderstanding can exacerbate obesity.

Kate Hudson's dubious weight loss detox

Nutritionists say that while the celebrity soup cleanse might be one of the healthier detox methods, it doesn't work quite like people envision. The vegetables and fiber purge but not just impurities. They flush the entire system and leave you feeling hungrier. But soup is also warming and comfort food. Creamy vegetable soups without cheese and milk can help you lose weight by stretching and filling the stomach.

Soups may act as an appetite suppressant as few calories are burned in digestion.

Avoid some of Kate Hudson's detox diet wisdom

Liquid diets supposedly strip out fat as they flush the body. But all those calories burned leave you more tired. The Master Cleanse and detox tea cleanses also strip vital nutrients. After bariatric surgery, such an eating plan can derail weight loss.

Gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life" are used to consume thousands of calories of high fat junk food. Soup, especially broth based soups, will not fill them up and will actually leave them hungrier.

Best soup cleanse recipes

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan actually tells patients not to eat salads after gastric bypass surgery. Vegetables fill up the stomach without quelling cravings and make them more tired and hungry.

To end obesity, the best meals are full of protein with complex carbohydrates and resistant starch. Add nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, potatoes, zucchini, avocado, whole grains, pea powder, oats and beans for protein and fatty acids. Try Barilla Protein Plus pasta or edamame pasta for a nutrition jolt. Add cleansing fruit like pomegranate and cranberries. Make a vitamin rich pumpkin bisque with kale. Serve soups before meals to fill you up and avoid overeating less diet-friendly foods.