After a 23-year-old woman gave birth three years ago, she said she could never get her weight back down. Before giving birth to her daughter, she was a size 12. After giving birth, she went up to a size 22 and she had to squeeze into that size. Siobhan Thornton said her unhealthy relationship with food caused her to be heavier than she had ever been. She became depressed with how she looked and barely left home.


Thornton stumbled across an article online that assured consumers that Green Tea would boost metabolism and slow down weight gain.

At first, she was a little skeptical, but she decided to try the beverage to see what would happen. She joked that she had nothing to lose but a little weight. By then, she was weighing 245 pounds. After Thornton began to drink two cups of green tea, she noticed some immediate results. It wasn't long before she had lost 42 pounds by doing nothing but drinking the tea on a daily basis.

Losing weight

The mother was pleased that she could afford to drink green tea because it is not that expensive. She attributed her 112-pound total weight loss in two years to drinking just that and doing nothing else. She had gone down from 245 pounds to 126 pounds and her waist had gotten smaller and smaller even without exercising.

In two years, she is now wearing a size 8 instead of a size in the double digits.

She was so inspired by her weight loss that she was willing to change her diet and begin exercising so she could look and feel even better. Thornton said she is determined to continue drinking green tea as her only beverage of choice even though she has lost all the weight she wants to.


Thornton found out there are numerous benefits of drinking green tea. She soon discovered that an ingredient in the tea quickly raised her metabolism that led to her rapid weight loss. She also noticed that since she was drinking the tea, it was taking the place of sugary sodas, energy drinks, sweetened coffee and regular tea.

The unsweetened tea she was drinking was the only thing she needed. The green tea had been a better replacement for all those other unhealthy options.

Thornton concludes that drinking green tea might not work for everyone like it did for her. The woman insists that she is not sharing her story for any recognition or any special attention. She wants to share the good news so others can experience the same pleasure that she has now that she knows what green tea will do for a person's metabolism. Do you drink green tea?