"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout has made a lot of money from starring on the MTV show. She's currently able to take care of three children while running her own T-shirt company, "Things That Matter.” Maci runs the company with her husband, Taylor McKinney, as he purchased the company from the original founders a few years back. One can imagine that this T-shirt company is very important, as it is this company that will take them far after "Teen Mom OG" comes to an end. But Maci herself has also been doing Instagram ads for companies to make extra money.

Some of her fans are now revealing how some of these ads may be a bit inappropriate.

Skinny teas sending the wrong message?

Maci is very skinny and thin herself, and she tends to bounce right back to her weight after giving birth. She has gone through three pregnancies and it sounds like she hasn't gained a single pound while pregnant. She's a very thin girl and she may have a problem gaining weight. So when she started promoting a tea that’s supposed to help you lose weight, fans were a bit angry.

"Ugh disappointed in you Maci. You are naturally skinny so don't need that. Shameful ad just to seek more $ probably don't even use this garbage. I'm working hard so one day my daughter doesn't have to sell detox tea on social media" think you got enough $ already girl, don't fall into these greed scams," one fan wrote to Maci's post.

As it turns out, fans thought it was poor advertising, as Maci is clearly very thin already. In addition, some fans of "Teen Mom OG" believe that Maci was sending the wrong message to her fans, as she – as an already skinny woman – is promoting a thinning tea. This is sending the wrong message to young girls.

Reconsider message over payment

Maci may not be thinking about the marketing, but it simply sends the wrong message to Bookout’s fans and viewers. On her Instagram page, Maci’s content is half pictures of her children and half promotions for companies and their products.

It sounds like thinning tea is not a product she herself uses as she's promoting many other products.

In addition, many other celebrities are promoting the same thinning tea and it seems like Maci is just another celebrity doing this promotion. But since Bookout has such a young audience and reaches so many young girls, it seems wrong to be promoting a thinning tea that has weight-loss properties. These girls should promote products that boost the self-confidence of young girls, not encourage them to change their bodies.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's promotional post of the tea? Do you understand why her fans are so upset about this particular promotion?