After taking a gap year, Malia Obama is studying at Harvard University. TMZ reported on Monday that the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama was caught on camera with friends at a Harvard versus Yale football game tailgate party last Saturday. It was the first Harvard versus Yale football game of the season played outside the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut.

Smooching and smoking

A video surfaced showed the 19-year-old freshman embracing a young unidentified man and kissing him at the party. Some people speculate he might be Malia's boyfriend.

The video shows Malia dressed like the other college students. This shows she is fitting in and adjusting to college life. She was colorful as she wore a yellow puffer coat and a tan bucket hat with an 'H' clearly seen on the front. The man with her was wearing a maroon long-sleeved Harvard T-shirt which makes people think he might also be a student at Harvard. Perhaps more information will develop about the mystery man Malia was kissing.

At the same event, Malia was photographed smoking a cigarette. People are posting on Twitter about the video and photo. One person who was at the football game said he saw Malia and she appeared to be the one initiating the kissing. People are wondering if her mother would be more upset about the public display of affection or the smoking since she strongly disapproved of her husband smoking.

Not the first time

The is not the first time, Malia has been in the news for her behavior. She made headlines when she attended the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last August. A video also surfaced at that time when she was dancing wildly at the event.

Even though Malia is no longer in the White House, social media is still interested in what she does when she is not under the watchful eyes of her parents and the Secret Service.

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This wouldn't be news if it had been the average college freshman, but the public knew how protective her parents were when she and her sister, Sasha, were growing up in the White House for eight years.

Barack Obama's comment about daughters

In a 2016 interview, the former president said he was pretty relaxed about his daughters dating because of the way they were brought up. He said both he and Michelle have been great examples for Malia and Sasha. He added that his daughters are smart young ladies who won't let anyone lead them astray from their goals.