They say Dogs are man’s best friend; well it turns out they are also woman’s best friend, after a Canadian Dog Walker was saved by three dogs during a three-day ordeal in remote British Columbia. Annette Poitras, 56, said she wouldn’t have survived, if it wasn’t for her trusty pet pug-beagle mix, Bubba, her Border collie, Chloe and a client’s boxer by the name of Roxy.

Lost and injured in the wilderness for almost three days

The incident happened on Monday when Poitras was walking her own two dogs and a client’s dog, near Eagle Mountain in the wilderness of British Columbia.

Poitras fell and injured herself and also lost her phone along the way, meaning she had no way to call for help.

When Poitras didn’t return home that day, she was reported missing by her husband, Marcel. A search party was sent out to look for her, involving some 100 rescuers and two helicopters. However, it took nearly three days for the missing dog walker to be found.

On Wednesday afternoon, some of the rescuers heard a faint cry for help, while the dogs were barking, enabling them to find the party in a remote area of the bush. Poitras was found off-trail, quite a way into the Coquitlam Watershed, surrounded by swamp and dense bush.

According to the rescue party, she was found “alive and in good condition” and was extracted using a helicopter.

According to her husband, the three dogs did not leave her side throughout the ordeal and helped her to stay alive. She had no supplies and there was some “torrential” rain during her ordeal. He said while one of the dogs cuddled up to her, another stood guard, and yet another dog went searching for food for the group.

Canadian woman recovering well from her ordeal

Poitras is currently in hospital after the ordeal, and her husband said she is recovering well, but is suffering from back pain.

She hopes to be released from the hospital within the next few days. Newsweek quotes Marcel as saying they are looking forward to peace and quiet, walking the dogs and visiting their family, now the terrifying ordeal is over.

Welcome doggie visit in hospital

Meanwhile, as reported by CBC, Poitras had a welcome visit in hospital on Friday afternoon when two of the dogs were allowed into her room. Her own border collie, Chloe, instantly jumped on her bed, while the boxer, who belongs to a client and goes by the name of Roxy, reportedly gave her plenty of kisses. Apparently Bubba the puggle stayed home.