I hate Mice, rats and most of all Spiders. Critters and bugs are essential to the balance of the ecosystems of the world, but when they go places they don't belong, like your house they become pests. Rats, mice, and spiders are some of the most common household vermin and can really become a pain to get rid of. Not only are these pests terribly invasive but they can also breed, spread disease, and in the case of spiders, they can inflict tremendous pain by biting. So what can you do if you have these pests pestering your life?

How to get rid of household pests

If you have mice, rats or spiders invading your home but don't want to spend an arm and a leg hiring exterminators there's a simple solution. Grow a plant! I know this sounds weird but there's a houseplant that can aid you in getting rid of those critters for good. Imagine no more toxic bug spray, no more expensive exterminators and no more confusing your spouses. You can get rid of all those creepy crawlies with just a few plants. It sounds crazy but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

You must be wondering what this miracle plant is and how can you get it? Well, your wait is over, it's Peppermint. Yes, the best way to get rid of these pestilences is Peppermint.

It's an extremely effective and natural solution to a problem that has plagued homeowners for centuries. With Peppermint, you don't have to worry about your kids injuring themselves with mouse traps or smelling harmful sprays which can lead to illness.

How does peppermint help chase pests?

The science behind it works like this, rodents have a strong sense of smell and the high concentration of peppermint seems to irritate the little pesky vermin.

Spiders also hate strong senses as well but it's unclear exactly why. The fact remains, they can't stand peppermint.

This cheap solution is also very easy to set up. Simply place a few plants around the house in areas where you think these small creatures will travel. The best defense is a good offense so you could also be proactive by purchasing peppermint sprays as well.

If you're on a budget and don't want to buy the plant, you can buy peppermint leaves. Soak the leaves in water and leave them there to sit for a while. After you're finished, collect the peppermint water and pour it into a spray can. There you go, you're very own Peppermint spray.

Other mind-blowing ways to repel mice, rats, and spiders

Please note that the "peppermint method" may not work in worst case scenarios. For instance, if you have a serious infestation or if the pests live in burrows that your peppermint scent can't reach it may not work. In those cases, you might have to contact a professional. Besides that, using peppermint alone won't totally irradicate creatures like mice and rats.

You must take preventative measures to ensure that the vermin are not still lingering about. Doing repairs is an awesome way to prevent access to your home. By sealing all access points, you limit the routes they would use to enter. A good material to seal up holes with would be sheet metal.

Also, did you know that mice can eat through almost anything? What you might not know is that mice and rats can't chew through Steel Wool. This makes Steel Wool an excellent prevention technique for blocking holes and other entry points. Lastly, if you want to keep pest away you will need to keep your house clean. If these creatures have nothing to eat or nowhere to hide they will leave.

So along with peppermint trying these preventative techniques will help limit the number of critters you see around your home.

Do you have a pest problem? Do you know any DIY solutions to get rid of mice, rats, and spiders? Tell us in the comments.