Several celebrities tweeted on Friday for the public to leave Malia Obama alone and let her be a 19-year-old freshman at Harvard like the rest of the students. The advice came when President Barack Obama's oldest daughter was videotaped kissing an unidentified man at Harvard's football tailgate party. A second videotape showed her smoking.

First daughters speak out

Chelsea Clinton was quick to speak out in Malia's defense. Clinton reminded everyone that the student has a private life and should not be clickbait. Ivanka Trump, another first daughter, said Malia should be allowed the same privacy as her school-aged peers.

She added that Malia is a young adult and private citizen and should be off limits.

Celebrities defend Malia Obama

Common simply tweeted, "Let Malia Obama live." Everyone knows what those few words mean. Others were quick to point out that another famous smoker made it all the way to the White House. They were referring to Malia's dad, the former President Barack Obama who smoked when he first took office. He was often seen chewing gum to prevent him from smoking. He seemed to have kicked the habit before he left office.

The appeal

Even though the appeal has gone out for people to leave Malia Obama alone, that is not likely going to happen right away. She is an Obama that the public got to know as she and her sister, Sasha, grew up in the White House over eight years. Now that she is a freshman at Harvard, whatever she does is going to make news and will be of interest to someone.

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Her so-called friends know this. That's why they film her every move. Some have suggested on Tweeter that Malia should surround herself with loyal friends who will treat her like the private citizen that she is.

Other first daughters have stayed in the news long after they left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. The public still hears about twins Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager from time to time.

More is revealed about Jenna than Barbara. Chelsea Clinton still makes news when something significant happens concerning her.

The issue is not that a freshman was kissing a boy at a tailgate party or smoking. No one would have given it a second thought if it had been someone else. College students do it all the time. What Malia did made headlines because she is an Obama. What people need to understand is that nobody judged her. They reported what they saw. It would have made news if she had been seen petting a dog or holding a cat.