The once famous rapper, Nelly was arrested on Saturday morning after a woman accused him of Rape. He was on his tour bus when the alleged incident occurred, the New York Daily news reported. Police arrested the 42-year-old in his bus in Auburn which was parked in a Walmart lot. According to authorities, the rape victim called 911 from the same location.

The rapper was booked for investigation of rape but the police spokesman, Steve Stocker told reporters that he had no idea when the hip-hop artist would appear before a judge. Hours before the phone call, the rapper had performed at White River Amphitheater in King County.

Nelly is on tour with Florida Georgia Line – country music artists. They were scheduled to perform together that night at Sunlight Supply Amphitheatre in Ridgefield.

Nelly tweeted about his innocence and apologized to loved ones

In a number of tweets, the rapper whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr affirmed his innocence and said that he had been targeted. He also apologized for the unfortunate incident.

In one of the tweets, Nelly said that facts would prove that he is just a victim of false allegations.

In another one, he apologized to his loved ones for the embarrassment the whole incident had caused. The rapper’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum referred to the allegations as “completely fabricated.” According to Rosenblum, the claims are driven by greed and vindictiveness. He also said that his client would seek legal redress for the damage the accusation has brought for him once the matter has been cleared up.

Nelly was once among the hottest rappers in the music industry. He shot to fame almost two decades ago with the song, “Country Grammar.” At the height of his career, he scooped three Grammy awards. The “Dilemma” singer played a supporting role in the remake of the movie, “The Longest Yard.”

Not the first time

The “Hot in Herre” rapper has had previous run-ins with the law.

In 2015, Nelly was charged with felony possession of drugs. Police had discovered marijuana and methamphetamines on his tour bus. The police also found several handguns including a gold-plated pistol in the same bus. His lawyer said that the drugs didn’t belong to Nelly and that he was innocent.

In 2012, the artist was arrested in Texas after the police found 10 pounds of weed, 36 baggies of heroin and a loaded .45 pistol. The rapper blamed a staff member by stating that no one was aware of his decision to bring the drugs inside the bus.