Halloween is from the Samhain festival where ancient Celts celebrated the end of harvest time. This celebration also marked the beginning of year and summer's end. It is at this time that the Celts bid goodbye to light and warmth as the days became shorter than the nights.

Ancient Celts believed that the border between worlds of the dead and the living was at its thinnest at this time. Therefore, it was the most appropriate time to divine the future and communicate with the departed. People could find out the wishes of their dead relatives and fulfill them where possible.

So what is Halloween? It is a day of merriment and superstition.

This year, Halloween will be on a Tuesday.

Next year, it will be on Wednesday and in 2019, on a Thursday.

What should you be for Halloween?

This is an age-old question, but we have some suggestions.

  1. The wonder woman Costume will make you seem strong and ready to take on villains. The costume comes with leg warmers, gauntlets, and a wonder woman headband. If you are looking to feel fascinating, then go for this DC Comics hero costume.
  2. The Harley Quinn costume is for those that want to be bad. Become a supervillain for the night and let other heroes in the party come after you.
  3. If you are a couple and love the gangster look, the Bonny and Clyde costume will be more fitting. Show the rest how your is love badass by showing up as the classic villains.

Why do we celebrate Halloween? What are the benefits?

Halloween is not an official public holiday but is celebrated by countries in North America, Europe, and Asian countries.

This is mostly because the festival is associated with a significant amount of consumer spending. In fact, it is second after Christmas.

Other reasons for celebrating Halloween include fulfilling the need to play with identities. Halloween helps take on emotions that you don’t usually have. The masquerade is a human need that is as old as man is, observes psychoanalyst Elena Buzzubova.

According to Buzzubova, the depersonalization that the mask provides helps people see reality differently.

Wearing a mask equals partaking in a culture. The roles that we take on such as the judge, police, son, father are all masks that people wear. The risk comes when people wear one mask for too long. If you are a reporter and you identify with this role for too long, the rise of new media will seem apocalyptic.

For one night, you get to wear another mask you are not used to, and that is helpful.