With Halloween being just days away, people are putting as much thought and effort into getting the perfect costume as they have done in previous years. As usual, some people have gone all out to get a unique costume that no one else in their circle will be wearing it. Usually, an appropriate Halloween costume is one that has been inspired by something in the news. It could be a popular movie character, a public figure or something that most people know about. A lot of people and events have made news this year. Therefore, there are a lot of choices.

Political costumes

Melania Trump's Inauguration Day outfit is at the top of the list in some stores. Her outfit was seen back in January when the First Lady of the United States wore a pastel blue Ralph Lauren ensemble with long matching gloves and blue pumps. The popular online retailer Yandy has made the conservative attire more provocative. It has a mini skirt and a crop top that shows a lot of skin around the middle. The outfit, excluding the gloves and shoes, sells for $70.

Business Insider gives advice about costumes that would be good to wear and those that should not be worn this year. In 2016 when President Donald Trump was a presidential candidate, a costume in his likeness was popular.

People can still dress up as Trump, but since there has been so much negative press surrounding him, that might not be a good idea. Wearing a $10 wig, a dark suit and a long red tie might not win votes this time around. Besides, Alec Baldwin's impersonation of the president on "Saturday Night Live" every week might be enough.

From the movies

"Wonder Woman" was the highest-grossing movie this summer, so who doesn't want to pretend to be a superhero for one evening? The outfit can be purchased from Target for only $45. The thigh high boots are sold separately. "It" was a popular horror movie, but clowns are scary. Therefore, people should think twice before purchasing a $60 clown costume.

Pregnant women

Being pregnant seems to be glamorous these days whether women are married or not. Three of Kris Jenner's five daughters are expecting babies early next year. Kim Kardashian West is expecting her third child through surrogacy in January. Kylie Jenner is expecting a baby with her boyfriend in February. A maternity outfit inspired by the pregnancy of the 20-year-old is on the market. Yandy expects the $60 white minidress with a fake pregnant stomach to be one of the most popular costumes. Khloe Kardashian is also unmarried and pregnant. Her baby is due in March. However, there is no costume on sale that resembles her.

Beyoncé gave birth to twins this year. A replica of the outfit she was wearing in her Instagram photo will be available for anyone who wants to be Queen Bey for one day.

Amal Cooney also gave birth to twins, but there is no word that a costume has been made in her likeness. However, people can dress like her with something from their own closet. Tennis player Serena Williams gave birth to a daughter. It would be easy to wear an outfit that looks like one of hers.


Hugh Hefner's smoking jacket can be purchased at Target for $40. The likeness of other celebrities that might be a consideration includes Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Spicer, and many others.