Have you imagined yourself as a Disney princess since you were a kid? Do people tell you, that you look exactly like a particular Disney character? Well, here is a reason for you to rejoice! Disney brings in an exclusive range of costume ideas for Halloween that are inspired by the celebrities and their red carpet styles.

When it comes to Disney costumes, they can never be out of fashion or overdressed. You can wear them for several years (provided you maintain your shape); the best part is that the costumes are available in an array of sizes. This means you and your little version can dress up in look-alike costumes for the Halloween events this year.

But, before you pick your Halloween costume, make sure you find out which Disney character mirrors your nature, taste, and character!

It’s Halloween guys Bring out your wicked self with the quirky Disney evil costumes or make your dream come alive with the elegant Disney costumes.

Unleash the devil in you

Ursula: Are you a confident ruler at heart, who loves multitasking? Pick the Kendall Jenner inspired bold black gown, to dress up like the evil Disney character, Ursula.

Cruella De Vil: Dress up like Cruella De Vil in monochrome, to grab the eyeballs this Halloween, with the Blake Lively inspired fashionable dress.

Cinderella: Despite being tired of your mundane life, do you still have a positive ray of hope and aspiration?

Are you waiting earnestly to meet your Prince Charming? You deserve the enchanting costume of Cinderella, inspired by the hardworking and passionate Elsa Hosk.

Princess Elena: Bring out the bold and fearless Princess Elena in you with the fashionable red gown, inspired by Sara Sampio.

Princess Tiana: Are you an ardent dreamer?

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Then you deserve the Jourdan Dunn inspired graceful gown, to dress up like Princess Tiana, whose fantasies are meant to come true.

Princess Belle: Do you identify yourself with Princess Belle because she was not only well educated but also a beauty with the brain? Are you so kind to people, that they always pray for your well-being and success?

Pick the mystifying Anna Kendrick costume.

Princess Elsa: If blue is your favorite color and you are super cool like Blake Lively, you are certainly Princess Elsa. However, as per Glamour, Blake Lively believed that her 2015 Cannes Red Carpet Style was rather inspired by the Disney villains instead of the princesses.

Rapunzel: Are you a daredevil and a great explorer? Do you love adventures? Step out of your house in an elegant gown like Elle Fanning. Do not forget to flaunt your beautiful, shiny and long hair like Rapunzel.

Get these adorable or wicked celeb-inspired costumes from Disney, or simply create your own DIY costumes at home and be the reason for envious stares this Halloween.