In just over a week, the highly anticipated game will be out. Ubisoft will release "Assassins Creed Origins" on Oct. 27th. Already, there is so much expectation after details of the game were released. Gamers will see a character that can tame predators and use them against his enemies.

However, one feature that has caught the eye of the educators is the “Discovery Tour.” Unlike the previous series, "Assassin’s Creed Origins" will allow the gamer to roam risk-free in ancient Egypt. They will be guided to various places and explore the Egyptian landscape without the need to be involved in combat.

They will learn the process of mummification and take a stroll inside the pyramids of Giza.

Other games with educational lessons.

Ubisoft will include the educational tour feature as an update later in the year.

Apart from the "Assassin’s Creed Origins," there are several other games, educational in nature. They are the sort of games that guardians and teacher will have no problem their children playing. Among them is "Rise Of Flight."

The "Rise of Flight" is more of a flying simulator that players learn about the Great War. The simulator has easy to pick controls. After all, there isn’t much about the early aircraft. "Rise of Flight" provides the player with a high level of realism since they are not like modern simulators.

The player almost feels like they are flying a kite.

The wings can easily break off when attempting a maneuver and the body readily takes in fire from the enemy. Even before the combat starts, the player does not feel safe. This is important as it recreates the risks and fear that World War pilots were going through.

The player also appreciates how flying an aircraft has changed

History lessons.

"Battlefront 1" is another profoundly entertaining game with positive side effects. Set in World War 1, "Battlefront 1" increases interest and awareness in the conflict. It carries the accuracy of a Historical documentary that players almost feel like they are already participating in the war.

Most of the Western Front soldiers died from shell fire. "Battlefront 1" makes this clear so that the player is always conscious his playing character may be killed anytime. This game also visits some of the less popular locales during the war. One setting is in former Ottoman Empire, and that shows the player how broad the conflict was.

"Battlefront 1" is also visually accurate. British Mark V tanks are strolling the battlefield, and there is a flamethrower from a German soldier. The use of Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle by soldiers provides a feeling that the battle is happening in the past.