One of the things that the Trump administration seems to be doing right is reviving the National Space Council. Over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence vowed to send astronauts back to the moon and Mars and beyond.

Addressing the council, Pence stated that lunar missions would be a stepping stone to a wider exploration of space. The vice president echoed the same sentiments when he visited the Kennedy Space Center three months ago.

This is the first time in over a quarter of a century that such a meeting has been convened.

Why is it important?

The move to return the council lays the foundation for the building of the lunar space station. NASA has in recent times conducted a feasibility study on the this. The main work of this center would be to serve as a testing ground as astronauts seek to move further into space.

Among the reasons for going into space is dominance. When the first man landed on the moon, the United States was viewed as a global power. Space exploration is one frontier where a country demonstrates its dominance.

Going to the moon and beyond is a source of soft power. It underscores a nation’s ability to set big goals and achieve them. It demonstrates a country’s resolve in achieving what they set out to do.

Ronald Reagan saw the importance of the international space station. He saw it as a tool for forming and bolstering essential relationships. For example, space exploration has been key to keeping lines of communication between the United States and Russia open. The alliance between the US and Japan has been strengthened all thanks to the International Space Station.

Important to achieve sustainability

Apart from that, the United States as a country with considerable resources has a responsibility towards the earth. It is the case of ‘he who is given much, much is expected from them.’ NASA has already achieved a considerable amount through environmental research. Studying air quality, and environmental change continues to guide research on how to best care for the planet.

There is also a distant hope of space colonization in the near future. Already, it is argued that the earth is beyond its carrying capacity. It is imperative that something is done fast or we will be too many to sustain.

The earth’s natural resources are depleting at an overwhelming rate. Space exploration presents an opportunity for discovering inexhaustible resources that would support development.