With the fall season officially arriving last week, many kids and adults are already planning their Halloween parties and thinking of that perfect character they want to be for Halloween this year. Yes, with the arrival of Autumn, we can officially say that it is not too early to begin shopping for that perfect Halloween costume. After all, when it comes to Halloween, anything and everything goes! Sure, the trends can change depending on current events, but some costumes are just too classic to go out of style.

Wonder Woman, Pennywise most popular this Halloween?

Last Halloween, all the rage was for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump as trick or treating fell right in line with the political season of 2016. Let's not forget Harley Quinn, Batman and any Pokemon character you can think of as well. This year, those characters may still be somewhat popular, but right now, two more recent characters may have any politicians or fellow superheroes beat this year on All Hallows Eve!

With the smash hit movie “Wonder Woman” taking the world by storm, you can bet that the outfit that transforms regular everyday working women into unstoppable superheroes will be a hot seller this Halloween season. Of course, as legend has it, before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana Prince, the princess of the Amazons, who was trained to be an unconquerable warrior.

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Fans of Wonder Woman certainly remember when Lynda Carter brought the DC Comic legend to television in the 1970s. It was groundbreaking at that time and it made Carter an instant household name.

Another hot Halloween costume in 2017 is Pennywise - the clown scaring folks from coast to coast in Stephen King’s hit movie “IT.” King has once again captured horror enthusiasts everywhere with his newly released thriller that has fans of the movie clamoring for more.

Halloween Classics that never get old

Now just because many adults and kids may be running around as Wonder Woman, Pennywise or another hot trend for the season, classics never go out of style! Nobody can resist the temptation to be a ghost, zombie or Frankenstein, can they? Listed below are 10 classic Halloween costumes that just seem to stand the test of time. Remember, Halloween is just over 30 days away, so don't procrastinate when it comes to picking out that perfect costume! This year Halloween falls on Tuesday, October 31st.

  • Classic Witch
  • Pirate
  • Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
  • Ghost
  • Black Cat
  • Mummy
  • Princess
  • Charlie Brown
  • Zombie
  • Mary Poppins