Traveling can be a huge hassle, and while we love it, it’s great if we can make things easier for ourselves. Check out these 12 tips and Hacks that can make your next Travel experience a little smoother and allow you to save time, money, and energy.

1. Take advantage of airline price alerts

There are a number of different apps that alert you when airfare is lowest. The app Hopper monitors when airline tickets are lowest and actually predicts when airline tickets will be cheaper or more expensive. If you are planning months ahead, using Hopper and Google Flights is a great way to figure out how to get the lowest prices for your tickets.

2. Roll your clothes

Simply folding your clothes still means you don’t have a lot of space, and if you’re going on a long Trip or don’t have a huge suitcase, that’s a problem. Try rolling your clothes, which will help save space so you can have more room to bring back souvenirs.

3. Download apps that allow you to access maps offline

You may have limited data on your trip and internet may be spotty, so make sure you get an app that allows you to navigate without using the internet. MAPS.ME is a great app that allows you to drive, walk, and make your way anywhere in the world without using any mobile data or the internet.

4. Don’t buy new travel-size containers, just refill them

Why buy brand new travel-size toiletries when you can just refill the containers you already have?

While they aren’t super expensive, those little costs can add up. Just refill and reuse. Plus, you’re helping reduce waste, which is always a good thing.

5. Put socks and underwear in your shoes

Again, space is precious when you’re traveling, so make sure you are taking every advantage you can. Small items of clothing such as socks and underwear fit easily in shoes.

What a perfect a place to put them without wasting valuable space!

6. Keep a clean bag

So you’ve been on the road for a while, and your dirty clothes smell terrible. Place a dryer sheet or a bar of soap in your dirty laundry bag so things can smell as fresh as possible.

7. Pack extra cords in a sunglass case

The last thing you want to deal with is twisted cords, especially after you’ve been traveling for a long time.

Pack extra phone chargers and headphones in a sunglass case so things can stay neat and hassle-free.

8. Pack extra underwear in your carry-on

You never know if your suitcase is going to make it, so having an extra pair of underwear or two will make your life a tad better if the airline has no clue where your bag is. Also, pack a toothbrush and deodorant as well. You’ll feel better and so will the people around you!

9. Wear laceless shoes for security lines

Security can be a nightmare, especially if you’re running late to a flight. Wear shoes you can easily slip on and off for the security line. It saves time and it's one less thing to worry about in the chaos that is security.

10. Enable private browsing when searching for flights

Airline companies keep track of your search history on their websites. This allows them to jack up prices if you decide to leave the site and come back. Make sure to enable private browsing when you’re searching or buying airfare online.

11. Scan important documents ahead of time

Hopefully, this never happens, but you may lose your passport or have it stolen. Make sure to scan important documents like passports, trip itineraries, and ID cards ahead of time so you have a record if something like that happens.

12. Donate extra change

If you don’t feel the need to keep all your foreign currency, why not donate it to the homeless before you leave? What better use of your money than that?