With so much bad weather caused by Hurricanes Maria and Irma, it may not seem like a good time to travel especially when so many popular destinations may be closed. There are still many good Travel Destinations open, and some of the best Budget Travel is available right now. From Cape Town to Sri Lanka, Miami, and other destinations across the world, there are many great deals available, and travelers can enjoy everything from elephant parades to pods of blue whales. With all the new hotels opening in Cape Town, visitors can enjoy their stay in comfort and have a pleasant vacation since it's now springtime in South Africa.

Last minute travel destinations

In spite of a travel ban in place, there are still plenty of beautiful last minute travel destinations available. The South China Morning Post reported that there were six last-minute travel destinations that travelers may want to consider. For those who love art, Miami is an ideal destination, and it still a warm destination too. Cape Town, South Africa has added many new hotels, and it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere. If you're looking for a warm place later in the year, Bagan, Myanmar might be the ticket, and it offers beautiful scenery for those looking to backpack. Egypt is on the rebound because of the Pyramids, and for those looking for something cooler, Helsinki, Finland is a good choice.

Fall is the perfect time to go and see the sky light up with its greens and purples.

Cheap travel destinations

For travelers on a budget, Time Magazine recommended five places that are surprisingly cheap, because of a strong dollar, to visit these days. Buenos Aires, Argentina is first on the list, and since it's in the Southern Hemisphere, it promises warm weather, old-world style architecture, and nice beaches.

Beijing, China is on the list and offers the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square Plaza, and the Forbidden City Palace. Tokyo, Japan is a bargain with the dollar holding strong against the yen and Montreal, Canada offers travelers a taste of Europe with the French-Canadian Quebec Provence. Isla Mujeres, Mexico, off the coast of Cancun, offers travelers a quiet and relaxing trip to the beach and helps visitors avoid the many tourist traps in Mexico.

What's open in the Caribbean?

For brides who had their hearts set on honeymooning in the Carribean after their weddings, there are still a few places open even after a tough hurricane season. Brides reported that for those seeking a honeymoon in the Carribean it was important to check the island destination to find out what is available. Anguilla and Barbuda suffered a lot of damage, and Barbuda won't be ready to reopen for at least a year. Brides may want to look at nearby island Antigua as it has remained a paradise according to Colin James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Board. The Bahamas are in good shape while The British Virgin Islands suffered significant damage. Jamaica was unaffected by the hurricanes this year, and neither were Martinique and Monserrat. St. Barth and St. Martin were hard hit by Maria.