If you're thinking about going on a cleansing diet this week, please take note of this. A pure Detox does not mean you have to stick to a juice-filled diet for a week.

We're pretty much familiar with the fad diets that celebrities endorse and let's be honest: people get influenced easily. Some detox juices even boast of weird-ingredient recipes that are not really appealing to the eyes and even your stomach. These practices do not apply to everyone.

Time to clear things up

The reality is, it doesn't even take a lot for you to get rid of toxins.

Detoxing isn't all about making those big moves in your diet. You don't have to go to the extreme. All you need to do is to make a few choices.

First of all, the human Body has its own defense system, and they are designed to remove toxins on their own. In addition to this, modifying your eating habits and including a healthy regimen can do the trick.

Let's begin

Start Eating healthy simply means you have to choose what works for you. Of course, you have to keep in mind, you've got to select the foods that are good for you and your tummy.

Health.com reports that staying away from junk food and drinking plenty of water can be great for the body. These are the best practices in order to ensure a healthy and effective detox:

Choose foods that are packed with fiber, protein, and probiotics. Fiber aids in digestion. Protein can help curb hunger and maintain your weight. Probiotics are needed in order to have a steady supply of "good bacteria" in your gut.

Discipline yourself this time. Steer clear of the unhealthy foods like processed and canned goods. Resist the urge of going into fast-food restaurants. Trust us. It'll be worth it.

A little sacrifice goes a long way. Expect that tequila, martini, beers, and margaritas are out of the menu. Fill yourself up with water instead. That's going to keep you hydrated, and it'll absolutely aid your kidneys in getting rid of wastes.

If you want a little bit of flavor, add lemon for a refreshing taste. If you get tired of the zesty aftertaste, get some blueberries and put it in your water. If you're not a fan or blueberries, slice some cucumbers and toss them into a pitcher.

The most important part of your detox session: getting your groove on. You have to move. Exercising facilitates better blood circulation in your body. Aside from that, you'll be feeling awesome and happy after a good workout.

Now, don't just sit there. Start with these tips and live a healthier life!

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