The key to most weight loss plans is exercise. Most health experts will preach the idea of dieting and bringing about changes in lifestyle but the truth is, nothing works better than exercising. Nevertheless, Scientists from the British Heart Foundation have developed a new Pill that helps individuals Lose Weight without exercising.

A pill for weight loss

As reported by the Daily Mail, the pill was created as a result of a research study led by Professor David Beech. The pill releases a protein called “Piezo 1” in the body that increases blood flow to the brain and muscles.

This leads the body to think that it is undergoing physical exertion. In other words, one can enjoy the benefits of physical activity such as burning calories by simply consuming this pill. However, as the Daily Mail report suggests, this also increases the chances of stroke and cancer, among other heart-related diseases.

How does it work?

The researchers first carried out this experiment out on a pair of mice. After the subjects were made to consume the pill, the mice were seen enjoying the benefits of physical activity. “Piezo 1,” or also referred to as the “exercise sensor, was recorded to increase the blood flow to the subject’s brain and muscles.

This further sustained the “thought” of a physical activity.

In actuality, however, the subject was lying still. The experts from Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine feel that this might actually turn out to be dangerous for humans. As the blood flow is not naturally triggered, they can alter the electrical balance of the body. This will ultimately lead to the compression of the body’s blood vessels.

While blood is reaching the brain and the muscles, overconsumption may end up leading to the rise of cardiovascular diseases.

Professor David Beech was reported by the Daily Mail as saying that the pill that they have developed, is designed to control blood flow to the intestines. This is extremely important as it curbs the possibility of “metabolic syndrome.”

Metabolic syndrome can be defined as a combination of biochemical and physiochemical abnormalities, which reaches its ultimate stage after the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The most common consequence of this combination is diabetes. Professor Beech said that they have already received enough funding to take this project forward onto its next stage. They hope to find a solution to this problem and successfully develop a pill that allows individuals to lose weight without exercising, he added.