sugar can be as addictive as cocaine, reveals a new study by experts at Saint Luke's Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City. While the fact that sugar has harmful effects on a body’s metabolism is nothing new, the latest study reveals that it also has a strong hold on the human brain, making it the single worst ingredient in meals these days.

Cutting down on sugar can cause serious health problems

According to a report by Daily Mail, researchers have discovered that cutting down on sugar in an instant can lead to Withdrawal Symptoms like depression, erratic behavioral changes, ADHD, anxiety among other mental health-related problems.

These are pretty similar to symptoms that drug addicts’ experience. Much like cocaine, sugar causes cravings and binges in its consumers, the study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals. According to the experts, children in Britain have reportedly increased their consumption of sugar, which is causing their parents to worry about their health.

The increase in the consumption of sugar is giving rise to health issues such as obesity, tooth decay, and even several heart-related diseases. After carrying out an intense investigation into the link between sugar and addiction, the scientists concluded that sugar and opium drugs result in a similar kind of response from the brain. After the sugar reaches the brain, it releases a hormone called dopamine, which is usually associated with pleasure.

The human body is usually attracted towards pleasure-inducing factors, and thus releases a need of wanting to consume more sugar (in this Case). Research scientist and author of the study, James Di Nicolnationio stated that sugar addiction has been prevailing in man since ancient times, which is evident in the consumption pattern.

Man is usually found preferring high-energy food items such as fruits and honey because of this reason. Consuming sugar wasn’t such a grave problem before. However, sugar these days has been reduced to a state of a chemical-like substance. This has led the consumption level to rise exponentially.

Experiment on rats

The researchers even tested with rats.

The lab rats were made to consume both, sugar as well as opium drugs. It was discovered towards the end that the rats preferred sugar over opium drugs. The researchers feel that the same scenario might be true in the case of humans as well. Added sugar is certainly harmful, therefore; it is best that its consumption kept under the monitor, especially among children.