According to CBS News, a Lexington, South Carolina woman gave birth to her third child who weighed much more than her first two. Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler's first baby, Carson, was 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and their daughter, Samantha, was 9 pounds, 8 ounces.

The third baby born on June 23 weighed much more at 14 pounds, 4 pounds. That's double the weight of an average baby. The baby weighs as much as a Toddler. Needless to say, everybody was stunned when the baby's weight was announced in the delivery room. Nurses were asked to weigh the baby a second time to make sure his weight was correct.

The big baby

Colin Austin Keisler was born via Caesarean section a week ahead of his due date. If he has been born later, he probably would have weighed more. The 37-year-old Mother said when she went to the doctor three weeks ago the baby was about 11 pounds. She concluded that Colin gained a pound a week. Therefore, if he had been delivered on his due date, he would have tipped the scale closer to 15 pounds.

Lexington Medical Center delivers about 3,500 babies a year which is more than other facilities in the area. It was reported that the Keisler baby was the biggest baby ever born there.

Reactions to the birth

When Dr. Jamie Brown Price delivered the baby, he was shocked but not as shocked as the baby's parents.

They both let out a big gasp when they saw the size of their newborn. The mother couldn't believe her baby was that big. The 14.4-pound baby measured 24 inches long.

When he was first born he was the size of an average 5-month-old baby. After just four days old, Colin was wearing clothes made for a 6-month-old toddler.

Donna Hinton said she has been an obstetrics nurse for 29 years and she had never seen a baby weighing that much when it was born.

She said the baby is healthy and appears to be happy. However, the parents have one problem. The clothes they brought to the hospital with them didn't fit. This has happened occasionally at other hospitals. In cases like that, the parents usually donate to charity the newborn clothes they had purchased in advance because their big babies wouldn't be able to wear newborn diapers or those little onesies.

Colin's parents had to purchase clothes from the hospital's gift shop for him to wear home.

The 38-year-old father is already planning his baby's future. He joked that he sees his son playing for Clemson and the Green Bay Packers because he would make a good football lineman.