I have decided to try my hand at a lifestyle piece. I used to write imaginary lifestyle pieces when I was working for the Berkshire Eagle years ago. I remember I had the publisher in stitches over an article I did about an inn called The Hearth and Fender set in central Vermont. It was created when a semi plowed into the inn's lobby and they decided to keep it there rather than destroy the hybrid.

Maccuccino is my name for the simplest of inventions. Get a cappuccino from somewhere. Get a large Mccafe for a buck.

Mix 'em.


Just in. Spoiler alert: Newsweek says that there may be nasty stuff in some high end coffees. But you can avoid it by skirting iced drinks. Back to my article.

Ta da

I like Coffee hot anyway. I have a stove so I can get things I need and heat them up as required. The payoff for me is that I have a cappuccino buzz for as long as I like but with just one medium cappuccino to two large McCafes.

Coffee on steroids

If like me you are venerable -- I am a sprightly 81 -- you may know that for some of us caffeine is a wondrous tonic, staving off all manner of horrendous events that can befall the elderly.

A cappuccino is sort of coffee on steroids. Small pleasures are among the many answers to throw at the rich. I mean the poor souls who prop themselves up and turn everything into a needless expense. Pity them

Living better for less is the best way to the future.

What else is there to say?

Well, there is the matter of a container. I have a thermos-like, fire engine red container that has a black screw on top so that I can keep a warm swig at my elbow during the entire 12 hours that I may choose to spend churning out articles, writing poems, uploading videos and otherwise living online.

I suppose we should discuss whether it is advisable to venture out during the Trump era.

What is brave?

According to Donald Trump, the world is fraught with danger. There is no safety anymore. Our mentality is under tweet assault. And so forth. As far as I am concerned you take one day at a time and you do what you need or want to do. Bravery has nothing to do with it. It takes bravery just to draw a breath in Trump world.

But Maccuccinos are a clear protection against Trump. I guarantee it. When you swig, you can clear your mind of every negative and think only wellbeing and seraphic.


The better you live the less expensive it is. I hate the word frugal. It implies frugality which is an even worse word. Living well is a matter not of practice or mathematics but of inherent impulse. It is the fruit of the spirit of adventure that lies deep in every parson and is linked to the tiny bit infinitely potent power known as freedom.

We are free to live well. If forced to beg, I would not put out a forlorn hand. I would look my future benefactor in the eye and say, "I need a cappuccino, Could we go get one together?" You never know what might transpire.

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