The Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences is a nonprofit Human Potential Research And Development think tank that is located in Bronxville, New York. Since its establishment in 1982, it has discovered in biological sciences and religious doctrine, "The Laws of Potential" that aim to help individuals unlock their potential, cope with life's challenges, and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Dr. Robert Flower is the founder and director of the organization which he has deemed a sociopolitical and economic think tank. His studies on the subject have been widely lauded, and he has even served as an advisor and/or consultant for big-name companies such as Chrysler and IBM.

Furthermore, Dr. Flower has been involved with politicians working within the State of New York including former Governor Malcolm Wilson, gov al delbello.

Dr. Flower has been a professor at West Point, Mercy College, New York University (NYU), and Seton College. He has also written seven books and a workbook that helps people find their true potential. Dr. Robert Flower recently discussed his work, the Gilchrist Institute, and his hopes for the future via an exclusive Interview.

The importance of potential

Meagan Meehan (MM): What is the Gilchrist Institute, what does it do, how did you start it, and how did you choose that name?

Robert Flower (RF): It's a non-profit research and development facility dedicated to achieving potential.

In 1984, while attempting to find my life purpose and path, I incurred an extended period of enlightenment which included an "other side" experience. It was fascinating and changed my family and me from the hard core business, societal people to spiritual pursuers of wisdom and understanding. Gilchrist means "stream of highest awareness" it is very appropriate for my mission.

MM: You mentioned having an "other side" experience in the 1980s, so can you describe that or elaborate on it and how it affected you?

RF: My "other side" experience proved to me that there is life after life...further, that there is a state of consciousness which we can achieve that releases us from restriction, which are self-imposed.

MM: Can you tell me a little bit about your professional and educational background?

RF: I have an undergraduate from Fordham and NYU and a Ph.D. from Walden University in System Sciences. I have been a part of a successful family-owned real estate investment and finance company since 1962. I am a professional realty consultant and economist, I taught real estate economics at West Point, NYU, and Seton College, and I have also represented numerous Fortune 500 companies and cities where, among other things, I promoted the purpose of the concept of potential.

MM: You have worked in politics, business, do you think these areas are affected by how people perceive themselves and their abilities to achieve goals?

RF: People are very self-restricted; by culture, religions, institutions, political correctness, etc. Once one attains a position of power, control, prominence their self-opinion changes and so does their goals and objectives, their focus shifts from "other" to "self."

Motivations and future aspirations

MM: What initially interested you in studying the concept of "potential" and was there more psychology involved with this research than anything else?

RF: Aristotle stated that potential was the ultimate basis of humanity -- research shows he was is self-explanatory, "Something that does not exist but can be is latent!" While psychology was involved, it was the search for the truth that motivated me....

MM: What are the ‘Laws of Potential’ and how do they help people in their daily lives?

RF: The Laws of Potential are principles we discovered in cellular development and then applied to human intelligence. Since its biologically based, it is intuitive and a process we utilize without knowing it. We have found these principles can be found in nature, science, psychology, religion, and philosophy. When people recognize the system and its principles, it creates clarity, direction, aspirations, motivation, and purpose easy to achieve.

MM: Who can the Gilchrist Institute’s mission help and how?

RF: I use this to help anyone in any way - problem-solving, decision making, conflict resolution, organizing, functioning, change and more.

By following the laws, desired results can be achieved. Anyone who is seeking life's purpose and meaning, discovering their life skills, reversing setbacks and enhancing intelligence; benefits from these laws. It's a system which enables one to categorize, synthesize and synchronize information.

MM: Are you the only one teaching this right now?

RF: I have two other colleagues who follow the laws in their practices. I am an ent elegist, to the fullest extent of that definition which means someone who is a “master at developing potential” including finding one’s mission.

MM: Can you give an example of an individual situation and how it was solved and through what process?

RF: Sure, in one case a young widow lost her husband and was grief stricken.

She has tried therapy, drugs, religion, etc. I taught her that life was about symbols and virtues and her husband represents the symbol of love. She needed to seek the symbol of love in her daily life- at first, she didn't buy it. Six months later, she told a class I was teaching that once she "Got it," it was the most peaceful and complete period in her life!

MM: You've written several books, so how do the topics in each one differ, and are you particularly proud of any specific one?

RF: Eight books so far, first one was the most difficult; “Decoding Potential” took four years to write but it did set the model for the others. It was not as comprehensive as the others--that's why I wrote them.

Each one explained the “Discovery of the Laws of Potential” in various ways, and that is the one I am most proud of. However, my present writing which I am finishing is by far the best; it’s titled “The Biology of Potential and the Mechanics of Change.”

MM: How can people learn more about the subject of potential, is there a book or a course?

RF: Yes, there are numerous books - I have written several. Six are out, and one is coming, and you can find the newest book called “Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success” on Amazon. There are also courses and programs for groups, companies, and individual sessions for anyone who is interested.

MM: What are some of the most memorable experiences you have working in this field and what kinds of feedback have you gotten?

RF: I have received incredible feedback from average folks, business people, politicians, and scientists. For example, I am working with a pro-golfer, which is gaining his potential...we have testimonials online from college students that are quite gratifying! I have assisted some of the top businesspeople in the world, top athletes, I even lectured at the U.N twice...and much more. My team and I at the Institute are convinced that we have truly discovered a key to living a natural and meaningful existence and we plan to continue our mission far into the future.