A newborn shocked everyone by starting to walk minutes after her birth. Midwives and doctors at a Brazil hospital were stunned to see this quick development, and termed this incident nothing short of a miracle. They went on to record a video of the baby attempting to walk as of the time of writing and it has gone viral.

The incident took place when the midwife in attendance tried to give a bath to the newborn. The woman was astonished when the tiny tot tried to walk on her own and quickly called on her colleagues to witness the miracle. It was then someone decided to film the astonishing incident and upload the video online.

Baby walks within moments of birth

As much as the midwife tries to lift the baby to give her a bath, the tiny human tries to get back on her own feet with an astounding burst of energy. The baby girl according to the midwives refuses to lie down on her front and pushes up to get onto her legs and continue her walking attempts. The viral video has garnered 50 million views and 1.3 million shares on Facebook by now.

As of now, one is not sure at exactly which hospital this miraculous incident took place. However, the insignia on the nurse’s robes suggested that she was an employee of the Santa Cruz Hospital in Grande do Sul, a city located in the south of Brazil. A newborn trying to walk before the normal timeline is rare if not unheard of.

There has been news of babies as young as six months old walking on their own. However, this event is one of a kind as the baby was born a few minutes back before it attempted to do a feat, which normally takes more or less 12 months to accomplish for babies.

At what age does a baby usually walk?

A baby generally takes up to 12 months or more to learn how to walk.

However, the time duration varies from child to child. As soon as the babies master the hand to eye coordination, learning to walk becomes easier for them.

It usually takes about 10 to 18 months for a baby to walk without the help of any object or person. The first steps of any baby walking would be unsteady, however, they tend to move very quickly, which is why they often fall in the initial days.

If you see your baby not walking even after 18 months, it would be a good idea to contact your doctor quickly.

Check out the video of the Newborn walking minutes after her birth in the YouTube video below. What do you think of the walking baby? Is this a miracle that shows the evolution of the human body as it attempts to keep pace with the evolving technologies or simply a newborn reflex?