Frank Miranda is a self-published Author who wrote an inspirational Book that aims to help readers overcome negativity and evolve to their divine purpose. Frank never wrote anything before and is not especially keen on reading, but he was driven to write the book due to his difficult childhood with the intent to help others in the same situation.

Frank grew up in a dysfunctional family filled with negativity and hostility. In his early 20s, he decided to make an effort to improve his situation, and for thirty years he had been conducting scientific and spiritual research that has helped enlighten him.

The more Frank learned about the science behind the mystery of religion and spirituality the more aware he became of who he was and what he should be doing in this lifetime.

Frank was encouraged by friends to write a book, and their positive feedback--including being called "inspirational"--led him to self-publishing the story to help others who were in their situation. His book titled “Waking To A Happy Fulfilled Life” is directed toward people who have trouble getting out of troubling situations and/or mindsets.

Frank Miranda recently discussed his book, his experiences, and his hopes for the future via an exclusive Interview.

Life experiences and enlightenment

Blasting News (BN): What prompted you to start writing and how did you choose the topics that you wanted to feature in your book?

Frank Miranda (FM): I use to work a lot of overtime at my job where I would start at 7 am then all overtime was cut and my regular start time was 8:30 am. After having this routine for over fifteen years, my wife and two daughters were used to me not being home in the morning. Since I live with all females, I was just in the way.

I still needed to leave home at my regular early time, and my usual routine would be to go to Starbucks and get some coffee, read one of my inspirational books, and then go to work.

While doing this for several years, I had become friendly with the staff and some customers. We would talk for a while and then I would read. Now, since I had over an hour to spend before work, I found myself with some free time.

Many people told me since I had gone through so much and overcame it all I should write a book. Everything had seemed to be working together to support my writing.

Over the years, I had always been interested in evolving to something better than I had been accustomed to. My life was very negative with little or no guidance. For over thirty years I had conducted both scientific and spiritual research so I could live a better life. What I had not realized was that this had put me on a journey of enlightenment which is fascinating. This has enabled me to become more aware of my spiritual self, including figuring out why I am here. It’s all science which is exactly how I would describe spirituality as well as the meaning of life and the journey of enlightenment.

BN: What was your childhood like and how did it impact your writing themes and styles?

FM: My childhood was not a great one. When you’re young all seems to be as it is; you enjoy playing with your toys and friends and just being happy. Even though there were some good times, there were many very confusing signals I received from my parents. That’s where I received all my negativity and dysfunction. I never had a writing style or theme, any desire to write, just what I needed to do for school, nothing more.

Publishing and promoting

BN: Why did you decide to self-publish and what was that whole process like?

FM: Since I had no experience in writing I wasn’t aware of self-publishing or how to go about it.

I was just inspired by what I believe was divine intervention to write a book. I had no outline or guide; the words just flowed from what many call “Source” with a capital S. The publishing process was an ongoing learning experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect, and I just did what was necessary to publish my book. There were some difficult times and some not so difficult.

BN: How have you been going about promoting the book?

FM: Mostly, for now, social media, some local publications, libraries, and bookstores and recently I was on the Chapter’s Rap recorded live at Turn of The Corkscrew Books and Wine and York College Radio with Steve Vaccaro. I am seeking current and other venues to speak about my book since it is an inspirational work and has much spiritual and scientific content to convene.

Many who have read it have expressed an interest for me to speak more about it and have received positive feedback.

BN: What are your future aspirations for your career as a writer and/or public speaker?

FM: I continue to conduct research on the spiritual, scientific and mind-body connections to life. What I have been discovering has been very enlightening and fascinating. Much I wish to share with the world as I feel I am being called to write a second book. At this moment, I am thinking of the title “Why Are We Here, ” and it will be a sequel to my first book to go deeper and explain more of life’s meaning.

BN: What do you hope that people take away from the story after reading this book?

FM: I wrote this book with the intent to hopefully help others who have gone through similar negative circumstances in their own lives.

I share my journey to illustrate how one can overcome a negative, ysfunctional environment and evolve to their divine purpose where one can live a happy, healthy life. Since I had come from such a bad place and overcame it, I can empathize with those who are having similar difficulties. All the research I have done suggests no one need to lead a life of lack, regret or despair. We do live in a world of all possibilities.

To learn know more about me and my book, you can visit my website by googling “Frank Miranda.” There are links to past articles, interviews, future events and where to purchase in both soft cover and digital formats. I’ll also be at the Chapter Rap “Books, Bands, Business's & Breakfast" event at Baldwin Applebee's on June 17 from 8am to 10am and speaking at the Glen Cove Public Library on July 11 to promote my work.