Author Eileen Donbeck Doyon has experienced the loss of family members since early in life and so she understands the difficulty of moving on after tragedy. After losing her father to lung cancer, Eileen coped with her pain by turning to creativity and embarked on a mission to help others talk about loved ones who have passed on. Eileen subsequently published a Book of essays titled "Unforgettable Faces and Stories" that contain tales of love, loss and--ultimately--moving forward. Recently, Eileen spoke about her experiences as a writer and her hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN): What influenced you to become an author?

Eileen Doyon (ED): When my dad passed away in 2011 I was going through the grieving process.I already lost my mom and brother in 1981 and never really got over it. I was Daddy’s little girl and his death hit me hard. I wanted to do a tribute to him. My dad fought in WWII in Iwo Jima, the bloodiest battle to date. I thought if I wanted to do this, others would too.I reached out to other women who had lost their dad who served in the military. My first book titled “Dedications, Dads and Daughters” originated and I got so much feedback and encouragement that I decided to do a series of different topics and themes.

BN: What stories and writers inspired you?

ED: I read a lot of motivational books and loved Og Mandino, Ken Blanchard, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, and many others.

BN: So far, how many books have you published? Do you have any more in the works?

ED: I just released my sixth book, “The Second My Life Changed Forever.” I have several in the works in my head, and not on paper.I may have one completed by the end of this year but definitely by May of 2017.

BN: How did you go about getting published?

ED: I used a self-publisher that I knew. However, for my last two books I used Create Space.


BN: What is your “dream project”?

ED: My dream project is a TV show talking about one topic as we do in my books.

BN: To date, what has been the most rewarding part of being an author?

ED: The most rewarding part of being an author is the feedback and excitement of the people who contributed to my books, how they feel, the accomplishment, the healing, and the thanks as from readers as well.

BN: How can people contribute to your publications?

ED: People can contact me thru my website. We are currently working on a theme for my next book and the theme will be released the first of the year. The book will then be targeted to come out June 1, 2017.If we do any earlier time frame, it will be announced on my websiteand/or Facebook page titled “Unforgettable Faces and Stories.” I encourage readers to join for info and updates.I will be doing Facebook Live Videos again soon and I have my YouTubechannel as well.


BN: Career wise, where do you see yourself ten years from now?

ED: I will own a studio and run my business from there with everyone’s picture on the wall, doing interviews, helping get stories together, speaking with people and discussing their topic and what they are going to write, radio, and TV, and meeting each person that contributes. I even have someone from Australia!

BN: What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to become an author?

ED: Do it….do not wait!