“Wonder Woman” reboot has not only skyrocketed Gal Gadot’s career to mega-stardom, it has also awakened a new sense of fashion sensibility across all sexes. Breaking almost every box-office success it could, the new film embarks a new statement on clothing preference and style convenience.

Fan Jackets, an emerging online clothing retail store dedicated to providing confidence to every man and woman who wear their products, introduces a collection of wearable apparels.

The “Wonder Woman” collection

From Lynda Carter to Gadot, Diana Prince’s character has also left an impact on its audience especially the women.

Such impact draws much inspiration for girls of all ages and it transcends in their fashion statement.

To aid this clamor for the Princess of Themyscira’s iconic ensemble, Fan Jackets re-launches its “Wonder Woman” costume jacket inspired from the unaired TV series of Adrianne Palicki. The jacket’s color palette has been retouched to imbibe the Super Amazonian’s current appeal.

The outside of the leather jacket is made from 100percent PU leather and the inside features Viscose lining. It also highlights two outside waist pockets and gray stars customized on both sleeves. The color combination is perfectly similar to costume’s color of Wonder Woman 2017.

The jacket features a slim-fitting bodice which every woman will surely love.

“Wonder Woman” for men

Standing by the comment of the Canadian Prime Minister and rock star Justin Trudeau on feminism, Fan Jackets brings the Amazonian heroine in men’s fashion because it’s 2017.

These attempt to mend the gap between men and women style appropriation is groundbreaking.

The design features “Wonder Woman’s famous avatar printed on the T-shirt’s torso similar to the Superman shirt almost every man have. The T-shirt is available in two variants: White and Red colors with either white or yellow print on them.

This shirt is also available for the ladies.

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Fan Jackets take on fashion

The company’s main objective is to provide only the best apparels to its patrons and future customers. Their growing catalog contains a promising lineup of garments that features famed onscreen and comic book personality who sets standards for certain causes and awareness.

The company also provides costumers with a top of the line collection of formal suits that are inspired by "James Bond", "Doctor Who", and other celebrities who have worn these type of suits during Movie red carpets.