The weight-loss industry is a $33 billion industry. Every day there is a new pill, potion, or study that promises a new way to lose weight quickly. One of the latest studies even said that salt may help with weight-loss. For those who are struggling to lose weight, a more personalized approach of looking at eating habits -- which may be influenced by genes -- offers an answer to Losing Weight for good. Exercise and weight-loss super foods like Coconut Oil may also hold additional clues to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

How genes influence weight-loss results

WPTV 5 reported that an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. They spend an estimated $33 billion each year on gadgets and diets with the hope of finally getting rid of the extra pounds. Dr. Ellen Fisher, an anesthesiologist and a medical doctor with training in fitness and nutrition said that the answer may be found in a person's genes because each person has a unique food requirement based on genetics. By understanding eating habits, as well as emotional and physical health, it can lead to finding the right eating plan to finally lose the weight and keep it off. Strategies include eliminating processed foods and refined sugar. Through a lengthy questionnaire, the doctor has learned how to determine which of the three categories a person may fall into.

This includes those who prefer carbs, proteins, fats, or a combination of these food types. Health issues like diabetes or heart disease may also influence the right food choices to help the dieter lose weight.

Exercise and coconut oil for weight-loss

The Sierra Vista Herald reported that diet and exercise are still key to healthy weight-loss and keeping the weight off.

Shane Early, called the "Diet Doc of Sierra Vista," said that the first step to gaining control of a diet is mindfulness. He creates customized plans for his clientele that include scientific techniques, as well as other simple techniques that include tracking both the time foods are eaten and the foods eaten. Consistency is key in both diet and exercise to make any weight-loss plan work.

Finding activities that the dieter enjoys doing can help with weight-loss, as well as making better food choices.

One food that may help with improving metabolism and losing weight is coconut oil. Woman's Day reported that the fat in coconut oil can actually help in burning fat, something that may seem counterintuitive to most dieters. The reason is that the fat found in coconut oil is different from fat found in other oils. Because it is different than other oils, it takes a different path into the digestive system and then competes with glucose as the preferred energy source. When the body uses these medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil for fuel instead of glucose, it boosts the metabolism for about 24 hours.