Summer time means new weight loss studies. The latest study revealed a major shocker for those who are struggling to Lose Weight: more salt can actually help dieters with their weight loss. There are also other ingredients that dieters can use to help them improve their weight loss efforts.

How salt helps dieters lose weight

The Sun UK reported that a shocking new study has been released that says eating more salt can actually help dieters lose weight. The controversial new study discovered that Russian Cosmonauts were hungrier when they ate more salt.

The extra salt was said to turn fat into water, and it made it easier to lose the weight. Although it has been a long-held belief that eating more salt can actually cause severe health problems, anything over six grams (about one and a half teaspoons), Dr. Melanie Hoenig, an assistant professor at American University said that she found the results to be fascinating.

Dr. Jenz Titze, a German researcher, undertook the study of Russian cosmonauts when they were aboard the Mir Space Station. Although it is believed that eating more salt makes a person drink more water, what Dr. Titze discovered was that on the days the cosmonauts ate more salt, they actually drank less water. They still urinated the same amount as if they drank more, and it is believed that their bodies were breaking down fat in order to produce more water.

The National Health Service in Great Britain said that British citizens should stick to eating six grams of salt or less per day.

Other ingredients that improve weight loss

A Foodie World said that there were seven ingredients dieters should be eating that were guaranteed to promote weight loss. All the foods recommended by the magazine were spices that would improve fat burning in some way.

Most of the spices dieters will be familiar with: cinnamon, ginseng, black pepper, Tumeric, and ginger. The two more exotic spices are one used in Indian cooking and the other in Ayurvedic medicine. They are fenugreek and Triphala. Fenugreek, used in Indian cooking, is similar in its effects as cinnamon. It helps with the regulation of blood sugar.

Triphala is actually a combination of three herbs: amla, behada and harada. What this herbal combination does is to help cleanse and nourish the body from within and helps with the elimination of toxins and facilitates digestion. Other ways to help improve health overall include having good dental habits and taking a more personalized approach to health. These two tips will make it easier for dieters to improve their weight loss efforts because they'll be healthier.