At age 46, Melania Trump is 24 years younger than her husband Donald. Some have insisted the former model is nothing more than a trophy wife. Now that she is the wife of the president of the United States, her marriage has come under scrutiny. "Vanity Fair" has just released an article that takes an in-depth look into the inner workings of the Trump marriage. The article by Evgena Peretz, is entitled "Inside the Trump marriage: Melania's burden."

The world was watching

There is no escaping what the entire world witnessed regarding the Trump marriage on inauguration day.

There is the image of Donald Trump getting out of his vehicle, and walking to greet the Obama's, leaving Melania behind to fend for herself. There is a video where as Franklin Graham is praying, Trump turns to speak to his wife who is seated behind him. He appears to be scolding her. She smiles briefly, but as soon as her husband turns around, Melania's smile turns quickly into a frown. There is the photo that accompanies this article, with the beautiful model looking sad and dejected. These images give the impression of a woman not happy in her marriage. "Vanity Fair" expounds upon it all.

The Vanity Fair point of view

In her article Peretz points out that previous first couple had public moments of genuine affection for each other.

And adds that former presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama all escorted their wives from vehicles on the day they were sworn in. She quotes Mrs. Trump's spokesperson Stephanie Grissom who asserts that Melania is eager to take on her role as first lady, but her actions are saying something different. Grissom also insisted that Donald Trump was loving and supportive during his wife's pregnancy.

An unnamed source who visited the Trump home, shared with Peretz that The Donald was rude and did not show much support for his pregnant wife.

The Trophy wife

The "Vanity Fair" article gives the impression that the Trump marriage was a business arrangement. Evgena Peretz states that Melania made the perfect wife because basically she knows how to be seen and not heard and only speaks when spoken too.

She described Donald Trump's first wife Ivanka as demanding, and second wife Marla as needy. This comes across as a business arrangement rather than a loving relationship. It puts Melania in the position of being seen as a bird in a Gilded Cage, or rather a golden Trump Tower.

This relationship worked as long as the couple was in the private sector. Now that they are the first couple, their every move is monitored. The American people have not had such a couple in the White House before. And rather than respecting Melania Trump as a gracious first lady, many are considering her a trophy wife, and feeling sorry for her seemingly loveless marriage. What is truly sad is that one does not have to be nosy, or pry into the first couple's business to see that something is very wrong. The fact that they are not even able to pretend to love each other, speaks volumes for itself.