Emma Watson is one of the beloved and renowned actresses. She is just so adorable. Her friendly and sweet nature fascinates everyone. People can’t resist her charm. Ever since she played the character of Hermione in the Harry Potter series, she has become the favorite actress of almost every American kid.

Now if you get an opportunity to ask a question to this Harry Potter star and chat with her at just $2, would you take it or miss it? Obviously, you will seize this opportunity with both hands. These commuters in Grand Central Station, New York did the same.

These people just got lucky. Vanity Fair hosts a YouTube Series called “Derek Does Stuff with a Friend,” where Derek meets celebrities, interview them and simply hangs out with them. This time Derek decided to shoot his next episode in Grand Central Station and to involve local people also in his show.

Derek’s amazing guest

So Derek was all set to surprise the commuters. He carried the new live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie smarty Emma Watson around on an iPad to give answers to your relationship and general life questions.

In this entire short video, you will see this 26-year-old actress giving awesome pieces of advice to strangers in New York City’s Grand Central Station for only $2. Yes, she is talking to them via a tablet, but it is still a great and fair deal.

Writer Derek Blasberg was also playing an important role there and supporting Emma in her every advice.

A pair of little boys asks Emma a sweet question

When these cute little boys saw Derek wandering around the station with an advice booth and Emma Watson herself linked via an iPad, they approached Derek and asked Emma this: “How do I be a good boyfriend?”

These two kids were too young to ask this cute question and this melted Emma’s heart.

Emma replied with a big smile that he should be kind hearted and then said in jest that he should also know how to dance.

Many people asked questions on a variety of subjects to Emma, but these two little inquisitors were Emma’s favorite.