The good news is if Barbara Streisand is still trying to find a way to break her Trump induced pancake eating binging, Chelsea Clinton may have a solution. The daughter of a president and a presidential candidate has come up with something called spinach pancakes, which she was incautious enough to mention on Twitter, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Social media reacted with all the fury of a junior high cafeteria against the outcast kid.

Ms. Clinton tweeted, “Spinach pancakes for #NationalPancakeDay (we won't eat them all tonight although Charlotte would if we let her)!”

With certain exceptions, the tweet was met with incredulity.

A lot of people like pancakes especially smothered in melted butter and syrup. Some people like spinach, if for nothing else its documented health benefits and the promise of being big and strong like Popeye the Sailor. But combining the two is seen as much a culinary atrocity and putting pineapple on pizza. The combination of such two different foods is not something that is done in polite society.

The gaffe, unfortunately, will be another black mark on the Clinton family that will be brought up, no doubt, in 20 or so years when Chelsea runs for president.

Whatever Clintonesque sins she may or may not commit, combining Spinach with pancakes will be a deal breaker for many people. Rob the public treasury, consort with terrorists, or lie to Congress, the unforgivable sin is to tout weird food.

Chelsea Clinton could go a couple of routes. The first is that she can get a celebrity chef to endorse Spinach pancakes as the new foodie trend. Just as people will wear strange clothing because it is considered fashionable, they will eat weird food for the same reason.

Gordon Ramsey would be ideal because who is going to tell him no?

The other route is to be seen on the campaign trail eating real food. One does not know if New York has any regional cooking (thin crust pizza maybe), but if such exists, Chelsea Clinton needs to be seen eating it when she runs for the Senate. Then, when she goes for the presidency, say in 2036, she needs to love all sorts of strange (to her at least) fare, for example, texmex and all four major styles of American barbecue.

On the last subject, she needs to practice endorsing all of the varieties and not favor one over the other. Otherwise, she will lose votes in the barbecue region she slighted.

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