Senior journalists normally don’t make mistakes, especially in a situation where they are greeting big leaders or when coming live on a news channel. However, Megyn Kelly made the blunder in both of these situations recently.

First mistake of Megyn Kelly

When she appeared first time live on NBC on Thursday, she received a warm welcome from “Today” anchors Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer and Hoda Kotb who were live from New York studio. Kelly was in Russia and from there she announced that she would be interviewing Vladimir Putin on Friday. However, she thanked Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer but completely forgot to greet Hoda Kotb.

To grab Kelly’s attention, Kotb threw her hands up in jest.

Neglecting Kotb was just the beginning of the blunders Kelly was going to make in Russia.

Kelly’s biggest blunder in Russia

Megyn Kelly had an embarrassing moment in Russia when she asked an ignorant question. Megyn Kelly probably would have been very excited. After all, she had the opportunity to interview one of the most powerful world leaders: Vladimir Putin.

Kelly was there at the time of the state party, so she got the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, India. However, there was another blunder waiting for her to be made. In the excitement, the journalist made the mistake of asking a witless question of PM Narendra Modi that put Kelly into the state of embarrassment.

When Kelly met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in St. Petersburg and was exchanging wise words with him, the Indian leader said, “I noticed your tweet... where you were holding an umbrella.” Kelly was very excited to hear this from such a big leader and with a smile she erroneously asked PM Modi if he is on Twitter. Modi first looked a little surprised; however, he laughed off the silly remark and ignored it.

However, netizens caught her mistake and people on social media were not in the mood to forgive her without teaching a lesson or two. People started bashing her on social media for asking such a weird question while greeting him. People were shocked over Kelly’s ignorance, as being a journalist, she was unaware of the huge following that one of the biggest leaders of our world has.

To give you an exact figure, PM Modi has around 30 million followers on his personal Twitter account. This personal account functions separately from his official @PMOIndia that has 18 million followers.