"A Day Without a Woman" is a day designated by organizers when women have been advised to take the day off. Since all women will not be able to take the day off to strike, there are other ways to participate. Women are advised not to shop unless it is done in women-owned businesses. Also, women who can't strike are asked to be in solidarity by wearing red to symbolize love and sacrifice.

The main purpose of the rallies is to bring attention to issues working women face compared to men. Some of these issues include unfair wages, promotions, security and harassment on the job. People will realize that life is inconvenient when women don't show up for work.

Wednesday, March 8

The day off on Wednesday, March 8 was organized by the same people who planned the Women's March on Washington in January after President Donald Trump's Inauguration. The day focuses on getting recognition for women and respecting women's rights. The nation will see that women are valuable in the workplace, and they do a lot for the country while at the same time receiving lower wages than men and treated differently from men in a lot of other areas. The day coincides with International Women's Day. What will be the impact on the nation since women are taking the day off?

Impact on the nation

The Washington Post reported that rallies will be held around the country. When women don't show up for their jobs, every area of a person's life will be affected because women make up more than half of the workforce.

Therefore, 53 percent of workers will be absent from their jobs. More than 75 percent of teachers will not be in the classroom. That's why some public schools are closed in Washington, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, Alexandria, Virginia, and other places.

In the medical professional alone, 85 percent of obstetricians will be missing along with 75 percent of pediatricians, 57 percent of psychiatrists, and 58 percent of family doctors.

Thirty-six million volunteers will take the day off. Some female restaurant owners and workers will go on strike. Think about other businesses where women work. Take notice to see how your day will be impacted without a woman working on March 8.

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