If you have an Instagram, you probably have seen someone wearing or coveting a waist trainer. These under garments are said to be the secret tool to getting the perfect hour glass shape. With celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Snooki advocating the benefits, maybe its time you try one today.

How Does It Work

Waist training (easy enough) is a method of gradually making your waist smaller, by wearing the contracting undergarment for a set duration of time. Similar to the results a corset would give you, a waist trainer is typically made out of latex or cotton and can give you similar results.

For an average time of 10 hours a day and for the duration of 8 weeks you can lose inches on your waist. It molds your body to its shape and gradually rearranges your internal organs (not as invasive as it sounds) to adjust to your new shape. It does not get rid of fat, rather just moves it to a different position in your body.


With celebrities like the Kardashians endorsing the trainers, the demand has skyrocketed. The accessibility and availability for the undergarments seems almost limitless with many outlets to buy them. "What-A-Waist," a popular store, has been one of the most highly acclaimed distributors. Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna have praised the company and actively wear the products.

But how do waist trainers add up to the everyday person who isn't getting paid to endorse them?


Although results vary, with correct use and proper diet your body can be changed with a waist trainer. Upon first wearing it for the recommended 10 hours a day, you get immediate results with your waist looking visible smaller.

However, this is temporary and will last only a few hours.

To get more long-term effects, wearing the trainer for 10 hours a day and for an average of 6 weeks can elongate the time your body stays cinched. Although, your look will last longer it still will not be permanent because you have to continue to wear the trainer even after you reach your desired look.

So maintenance of your new body is imperative and never stops.

Painful? Waist trainers are said to be painful during the first few uses for their compression ability. You won't be able to move much until you get used to it. Beware as you'll be wearing it for most of the day and regular tasks may now be jarring.

In addition to your new look, waist trainers can also suppress your appetite as it restricts your food intake and the ability for your stomach to expand.


The final verdict is waist training works with many stipulations. It temporarily fixes a larger waist line but is not very sustainable. So maybe Kim K is obsessed with waist training but she probably is getting paid to tell you it works. Skip the craze and just improve your diet and exercise.