The queen Bee is expected and it seems like the world is excited. With all of the political debacle going on, Beyoncé’s pregnancy took social media and her “bey-hive” by storm, momentarily keeping us distracted.


The singer announced on her Instagram that she was not only expected, but that she was currently pregnant with twins! Social media could not handle the news and everyone was started talking about it.

Even Rihanna posted a congratulatory picture of Beyoncé and her happiness for their future children.

The 35-year old singer, is now expecting her 2nd and 3rd child (her first being her daughter Blue Ivy.) Beyoncé dropped her last studio album, accompanied by a movie, “lemonade” that had the world in a frenzy, over the depictions and lyrics describing an alleged tumultuous relationship with her and her husband Jay-Z.

Lemonade took over social media with many inciting “lemonade” or her iconic lyric “Becky with the good hair” for various causes. The song even got Rachel Roy to feel the wrath of the bey-hive, after she posted a caption that seemed to correlate to the singer’s song “Sorry.”

The star has had all 6 albums, including Lemonade, crack the Billboard Top 200 charts when they debuted.

Her first solo album Dangerously in Love started the star’s stint as number 1 and her following 5 albums (B’Day, I Am… Sasha Fierce, 4, Beyoncé and Lemonade) followed in trend.

Future Performances

In the midst of happiness, Coachella goers started freaking out. The singer is headlining April 15th and 22nd during the music festival but her pregnancy may or may not affect her appearance.

Beyonce is known for putting on a show no matter what the circumstances, but could twins put a halt to her reign?

The singer did not indicate how far along she is, however, from the picture we can see she is showing a lot. As the beyhive continues to freak out on Twitter and we finally get a distraction from the turbulence going on in our government; her pregnancy has been a relief to all. Congratulations to Beyoncé.