Remember "Snooki" (Nicole Polizzi) from "Jersey Shore"? Remember how she was a little plump? Well Snooki, now Nicole LaValle, lost weight when she gained two children and a husband in 2014. The star of the "Jersey Shore" spinoff "Snooki and Jwoww" got down to 99 pounds. Snooki went under the knife recently to get Botox and lip injections and it's clear from photos she shared that she has kept that weight off two years later.

Snooki scary-skinny at 99 pounds?

AfterNicole Polizzi gave birth to her second child in 2014, she lost all her baby weight and then some in seven weeks.

Fans marveled that she was not even two months post-partum and was already back to normal weight. At the most, she only weighed 128 pounds in pregnancy. This was actually the second big weight loss for Snooki who claimed to lose weight by quitting drinking but actually confessed to using Zantrex Fat Burner (she was a spokesperson for the product). But now at 99 pounds LaValle sounds like she might be sliding into anorexia which she struggled with as a teen. Snooki actually dropped to 80 pounds then. But there's more to the story. Snooki is only 4 feet 8 inches tall. She's shorter than many fifth grade children. If a taller person like Kim Kardashianor Khloe Kardashianboth of whom have also lost weight got that small it would be unsafe.

But 99 pounds is a normal healthy weight for someone her height. In fact, so is 80 pounds according to body mass index calculations. If she lost 50 pounds, that would mean she started at 149 pounds, which for her height is obese.

Snooki and cosmetic surgery

Nicole Lavalle recently claimed to be getting plastic surgery for the first time.

She had lip implants and Botox. Snooki posted on Instagram that while she loves her natural beauty, "being able to enhance my lips to make me feel better about myself is life (sic)." She's been practicing those trout pouts for some time. And actually, she's had lip injections before, so this is not a first for her. What was a first was Botox injections to erase lines in her face. At 28, Snooki is pretty young for Botox. And with fuller lips you can be sure to see more of those annoying duck faces from Nicole.