A Florida millionaire and his new bride got the shock of their lives three months into their marriage. While looking through the man's photo album, the bride saw a picture of her father who was her newhusband's son. The 68-year-old man had accidentally married his 24-year-old granddaughter. How did this happen? There are some explanations why these two relatives got married. After discovering the surprising News, the couple has decided to neither annul the marriage nor get a divorce.

How man married granddaughter

The grandfather was estranged from his son.

The man had been married twice. His first wife left him and took the children away. He searched unsuccessfully but could never findany of his children. He remarried and that second marriage also ended in divorce. Then he won a lottery jackpot of several million dollars. Usually, relatives come out of the woodwork when people win the lottery, but no children from the first marriage came forward. Even with all that money, the man was still unhappy and lonely. He moved from his small apartment into a luxurious waterfront place in Miami. That didn't make him happy either. Therefore, the millionaire started looking for love online in 2015.

Man found wife online

Both the man and his granddaughter joined the same dating website to find love.

When they read each other's profiles and saw their picture, something clicked. The man sensed something seemed familiar, but he attributed it to a sign for them to connect. The young woman had been kicked out of her family when she became pregnant as a teenager. Her father who kicked her out was her new husband's son. The young woman was looking for love.

When she and her grandfather began chatting online, there was a connection. They began dating, and then they got married.

No plan to end the marriage

The couple found out they were related three months after they were already married. However, the newlyweds say they are going to commit to the marriage and not have it annulled.

The wife said if they hadn't found out, it would have had a successful marriage. She believestheir marriage still can be successful, and they will live happily ever after becauseof their strong bond. If the couple has a child together, the father of the child would also be the child's great-grandfather.